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Correa’s magic completes Atlético’s fantastic week

Not even a month ago, specifically on September 16, Atlético was shipwrecked in Valencia with a 3 – 0 score that invited pessimism. The start of last season, prior to the World Cup, made an impact on the red and white thinking. However, no one remembers that incident anymore. Simeone’s men closed a fantastic week against Cádiz with three wins (it started with the derby and continued in Pamplona). They did it by lifting a 0-2 lead and demonstrating the flexibility typical of a team fighting for LaLiga.

The merit of this brilliant choral career is necessarily choral, but in the Metropolitan a solar system was drawn with Ángel Correa serving as the center of the ‘athletic’ universe. The Argentine has a unique ability to orbit over rivals and raise the emotional momentum of his teammates. He scored a double against Cádiz that Nahuel accompanied for the final 3-2.

It started on Athletic with the lucidity that came with a positive dynamic. From very early on the connection between Beltsubstitute for Morataand Griezmann. Gunpowder was flying between the two. The Frenchman, after a strategic backheel by the Argentine, recovered from the derby injury, created a chance that ended up hitting the woodwork. It didn’t take a minute for the second wave of the red and white attack to arrive.

Cádiz advances through simplicity

Once again Griezmann put on his helmet to escape the marks with a slalom that he could not complete. Correa, so worried about his teammate, prevented him from making an efficient shot and Ledesma saved a Cádiz of rotations with respect to the interweekly tie against Rayo. But this year, the team he leads Sergio González has taken a step forward. It never breaks down and the Catalan coach intervenes in real time to correct problems like the one presented by his midfielder.

The reaction did not take long and the Metropolitano collapsed with the first visitor goal. A recovery from Alcaraz unrolled until it reached the boots of Chris Ramos, the ‘wonder boy’ of Cádizwho with a precise low center served the goal to Lucas Pires. The rojiblancos, with Simeone at the helm, They called for a foul at the start of the play. The protests had no effect.

Atlético went up a gear, although with more haste than precision. On the opposite side they sailed with subtlety, orderly and waiting for some divine opportunity. Fruit of inspiration, Fali almost scored the goal of all time after seeing Oblak ahead. The center back had to leave before the break. He left an unusual image of his leg with several lumps. “They are from other muscle tears”, he said at the break. Before his forced departure he saw two more goals.

Correa closes distance with air power

The first, in favor of the interests of Cádiz. One of those notes that reconcile with traditional football. Ledesma’s goal kick, poor clearance by Azpilicueta and Roger Martí hits it to lead 0-2. First course, main course and dessert for a wonderful diet that made the task very difficult for Atlético. Simeone saw how his fantastic week was in danger. The locals took a stomach protector and returned to exhibit their version of ‘Aviation’. Tribute to the origins.

After half an hour of play, Azpilicueta, starting instead of Giménez, recovered with a sweet center that Correa sent it to the back of the net with a masterful header. Ledesma was disappointed after having saved the team from him on two clear occasions. Atlético regained the pulse of the match and until half-time looked for waterways in a sealed Cádiz body. It was the safest method to achieve a positive result..

Comeback with a video library play

The second half started with changes in Cádiz. Sergio González introduced Escalante and Alejo in place of Alcaraz and Roger, but the Cádiz team broke down practically in the first action. As in the initial act, Atlético started with impetus, quickly achieving a tie. Then it would lower revolutions.

Nahuel finished the play with a very hard shot that hit a rival before becoming 2-2. But the important thing happened before with another Correa demonstrationa true black hole that drags all opponents with its devilish spins.

Cádiz had a world left and strength would begin to be a variable to take into account. The game was open, far from stage fright. Atlético appeared with combinations, but with Chris Ramos up front there was always a system to keep their head above water. At game time, Simeone put the cards on the table with the introduction of Samuel Lino, Rodrigo de Paul -back after injury- and Giménez.

With those ingredients came the blow that certified the comeback. A play to watch repeated before going to sleep and one that the team must think about now that the sequence of European matches returns (receives Feyenoord on Wednesday at 6:45 p.m.). He wrote the first line Azpilicueta. He provided the space and colored the Griezmann folio. Nahuel received the contract and passed it to Samuel Lino. He checked it, Saul printed it and Correa signed it to certify Atlético’s return to Champions League positions. And what is better, to show that you are prepared to take on any challenge that comes.


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