Friday, September 22, 2023

Cormidom and workers’ union reach an agreement to reopen the Maimón mine

The company Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom) announced that it reached an agreement with the leadership of the Union of Workers of the Cerro de Maimón Mine (Sitracema), with the aim of putting an end to the conflict they were having and getting the company’s shareholders to authorize the reopening of the mine.

The president of Cormidom, Paul Marinko explained that the points of the agreement will now be brought before the board of directors of the company for its validation and final approval.

“I feel very happy for this ending. This agreement is a step forward to bring the necessary confidence to our shareholders so that the mine can return to operation and thus guarantee jobs for hundreds of workers of Maimón”, indicated Marinko.

The president of Cormidom stated that he is very confident of achieving the objective of convincing shareholders “that it is possible to work in the Dominican Republic, given the support we have had from the Government, the Dominican justice system and now also, from the Union” , said.

He thanked the mediation and accompaniment in this conflict of the Ministry of Labor, through Minister Luis Miguel De Camps and his team, as well as Dr. Rafael Alburquerque and the Employers’ Confederation of the Dominican Republic (Copardom), in the persons of Laura Peña Izquierdo and Pedro Rodríguez. He also cited other institutions and business associations that have always advocated dialogue and mutual understanding.

Junior García, new secretary general of the sitracema He stated: “We have already reached good terms with the company to see if this opens as soon as possible because we all need it: the country, the company and the workers.”

While Ariel Acevedo, general secretary of the Unitary Federation of Workers of Mines, Metallurgy, Energy, Chemistry, Fuel and Related Services (Futrametal) congratulated the workers and the company for the agreement that will benefit both parties.

“An agreement has been reached that from now on will benefit the workers and the company. On behalf of our leader, Rafael Pepe Abreu and ourselves, we want to extend our wishes to these two parties that communication, trust, respect and transparency are the basis on which this relationship between the union and the company develops. board of directors of the company,” said Acevedo.

On his side, Nelson Pimentel, representing the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Monseñor Nouel He congratulated the directors of Cormidom and the new Sitracema team for the agreement and encouraged them to work together for the country’s progress from now on.

“Today a great agreement is reached to bid together this cart with the conviction that this mining company must be protected, but also take care of the employment, development and progress of Maimón,” Pimentel explained.

On the workers’ side, the negotiations were led by Junior García, the new general secretary of Sitracema, and Ariel Acevedo, general secretary of the Unitary Federation of Mining, Metallurgy, Energy, Chemical, Fuel and Related Services Workers. (Futrametal).

And for Cormidom, Paul Marinko and Jonathan Ruiz, President and Operations Manager, respectively. He was accompanied by Nelson Pimentel, representing the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Monsignor Nouel.

Cormidom’s president also thanked the company’s defense team, which was made up of lawyers Yipsy Roa, Martín Valerio, Miguel Valerio, Juan Moreno, Washington González and Sebastián Urraca.


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