Friday, September 29, 2023

Concern at Unicaja with David Kravish

Unicaja is not having luck with injuries. Especially with his pivots. Augusto Lima is still out and will not return to the slopes until the end of 2023, Yankuba Sima was injured a few days ago, before even starting the preseason and David Kravish has also set off alarm bells at Los Guindos because he has returned from summer vacation with heel discomfort that, except for a miracle, they are going to prevent him from starting the preseason at the same level as his teammates.

We will have to see how the pivot evolves in the coming days, but there is concern because there are many problems in the “5” position, which is why the club has been looking for a temporary replacement for several days to reinforce that position.

Ibon Navarro and David Kravish, in a training session. Unicajab/Fotopress

Injured in the play off

It must be remembered that Kravish already played in the semifinal tie of the last play-off for the title against Barça. In the second match of the quarterfinals against Lenovo Tenerife, he received a very hard blow to his heel that prevented him from being physically at his best in the match against the Catalans.. Kravish had to be infiltrated so that he was at least on the court and the image of him after the fourth game, leaving Carpena completely lame, was truly shocking to all who witnessed it. His commitment to the team remained in that series of “semis”, of course, more than confirmed, by putting his own health ahead of the team.

The truth is that Kravish is a very “tough” player. In fact, he is one of the only three (Melvin Ejim and Will Thomas are the other two) who did not miss a single official game last season. And that in addition to that heel problem in the final sprint of the season, during the month of March, in that double day against Galatasaray, with two games in 48 hours, he also suffered a virus that made him play sick those two BCL shocks. The player even had to go to the hospital from there, directly, to go to the pavilion for the first of those two games against the Ottomans. But it is that he not only did not rest in the second match in Istanbul, but he returned to dress short in what was an important game for Unicaja’s European interests.

David Kravish, in his presentation as a Unicaja player, last summer..

The next few days, keys to know its evolution

We will have to cross our fingers so that the Bulgarian passport player’s state of health improves in the coming days. We already know that a temporary worker is needed for Sima. Hopefully they don’t have to be two and that Kravish can gradually join the preseason, which is starting this week for the compositor team.


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