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Completing ‘GTA 5’ in “pacifist” mode is possible, but it could take several years

Almost 10 years have passed since the release of GTA 5 and, despite the fact that the eyes of the entire industry are already focused on GTA 6, the game that was released in 2013 continues to generate conversation among its still large community. This time it was because the youtuber DarkViperAU was assigned the task of check if it is possible to complete GTA 5 peacefully. That is, without hardly resorting to the violence so distinctive of the franchise. The result is interesting to say the least.

First we must say the following: although it is true that most of us are used to carrying out their missions unleashing shots and explosions everywhere, there are certain levels of GTA 5 that can be completed without firing a single projectile. However, DarkViperAU went further.

In those missions where GTA 5 doesn’t force you to use a projectile weapon, and where clashes are unavoidable, the youtuber he only relied on hand-to-hand combat. The vast majority of the time with a bare fist, and the rest with stabbing weapons whose damage is weak.

It should be noted, however, that at certain times he was forced to delete the existence of several NPCs (non-playable characters) to continue progressing. According to his data, only killed 96 enemies during the entire campaign, of which 66 were by hand-to-hand confrontation. The figure, obviously, is minimal if we consider that there are missions in GTA 5 that lend themselves to eliminating dozens in a matter of minutes.

And speaking of time, how long did it take you to complete GTA 5 in peace mode? Exactly, 1,227 days, which is just over 3 years. To leave no doubt about his experiment, DarkViperAU recorded up to 1,000 hours of gameplay spread over 27 videos. However, the content where he summarizes and explains the process lasts approximately 40 minutes. You can see it below:

Thus, it is verified that GTA 5 it can be finished without excessive use of violence, albeit at the sacrifice of a considerable amount of time. It’s hardly going to be something other players will want to replicate, but it’s still interesting that someone has gone on a “pacifist” adventure in Los Santos.

Vice City, the next destination after GTA 5

Unless you live in a cave, you probably heard about the Rockstar Games hack, which led to the filtering of dozens of videos with gameplay of GTA 6. The prime suspect in the attack, a UK teenager and alleged member of LAPSUS$, is still being held in a London reform school; Waiting for the investigation to continue progressing.

While the hacker was initially believed to have the source code for a pre-release version of GTA 6 —threatened to leak it, in fact—Rockstar Games reported that unauthorized access to their network will not compromise game development. Thanks to this statement, it is intuited that the cybercriminal was lying and does not have such information.

The leak confirmed several details about GTA 6. Firstly, that it will take us back to a city inspired by Miami. Namely, Vice City. Also, there will be two protagonists; a woman named Lucia, and a man named Jason. Rockstar preferred to remain silent about the content of the videos, but anticipated that “soon” we will have news of his next big title. Until that happens, millions will continue to enjoy the online side of GTA 5.

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