Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Complaint by France – Tunisia: can it succeed, what does the regulation say?

Yes, the score of the match Tunisia – France will not change the future of the two teams in this World Cup. With a draw or a defeat, the Blues will still be in first place in their group and will face Poland in the round of 16 on Sunday at 4 p.m. For Tunisia, a victory or a draw will not change its future in this World Cup either, the Tunisians will remain behind the Australians.

Despite everything, the FFF will file a complaint with Fifa for Antoine Griezmann’s disallowed goal at the very end of the match (it can do so within 24 hours). While the Blues, completely overwhelmed throughout the game, equalized in the 97th minute by the Atlético Madrid player, the latter was finally refused after the referee’s commitment, the resumption of play and the whistle final. An unexpected decision which even surprised TF1 since the latter returned to the antenna without realizing that the VAR was called. Problem, the referee of this France – Tunisia, the New Zealander Mr. Conger, did not have the right to go back on this decision as indicated by the regulations.

What does the article of the regulations say?

In its document which regulates the arbitration questions, the IFAB (International Football Association Board) the decision of the referee of this France – Tunisia does not allow such a decision. More specifically, point number 10 of the “principles” of the section dedicated to the video assistance protocol for arbitration invalidates this use. “If the game has resumed after having been stopped, the referee cannot carry out an analysis”, assures the IFAB, except in the event of erroneous identity or in the event of an offense liable to exclusion such as violent behavior, spitting, biting, and/or hurtful, rude or offensive words or acts.”

Any chance of succeeding?

Difficult to answer this question. According to various sources, it is unlikely to see the claim succeed, especially since the result will not change the fate of one of the two teams. But in terms of statistics, it would remove a defeat for the France team in the World Cup and the Blues will still be undefeated against the Carthage Eagles. At the moment, Fifa has not given its version of the facts, but will certainly have to explain itself in the next few hours.


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