Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Comedian Parag Kansara passed away, appeared on the show with Raju Srivastava

Where comedian Raju Srivastava used to make everyone laugh, he left crying. After the heart attack, Raju went on ventilator. After fighting for life and death for about one and a half months, Raju died on 21 September. He said goodbye to all of us. Now another sad news is coming out from the comedy industry. Comedian Sunil Pal has told that his friend and contestant of the first season of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ Parag Kansara has passed away. Sunil Pal has shared an emotional video.

Sunil Pal shared an emotional video
Sunil Pal is seen saying in the video that friends, hello. Another shocking news has come. From the world of comedy. Our sixth partner of ‘Laughter Challenge’, our Parag Kansara ji is no more in this world. Yes, Parag Kansara used to do comedy. Parag Bhai is no more in this world. Don’t know what is happening in this world. Who’s got an eye? Laughers, used to make people laugh so much, do not know why this is happening with them, with their family. Comedians are moving away from us one by one.

Sunil Pal further said that Raju Srivastava ji left us a few days ago. We have not been able to bear their shock till now. We miss him, remember his words, but the truth is that he is no longer with us. His body is not with us. Before this, Dipesh Bhan went on making us laugh. Just a few days ago my very good friend, standup comedian Jeetu Gupta became a doctor on ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’. His 19-year-old son passed away.

Sunil Pal said for Parag Kansara that Parag Kansara ji breathed his last at 7 am today. My memories with Parag Kansara ji are fresh. Relationships like home. He has always considered me as his younger brother. Whenever he used to come to Mumbai, he used to come to our house. Used to pray. Used to pray a lot. I also did the film ‘Bombay to Goa’ with him. Have done hundreds of TV shows. Have done thousands of live shows. He was a very good artist. By going on stage, they used to enhance the beauty of there. He was an accomplished artist. Gujarati was his mother tongue. He started from zero. He progressed by doing small things. He was also a part time magician. He has also worked in the circus. In birthday parties, he used to feed the children with games and do magic. He also used to do comedy. I am remembering many memories of Parag Kansara sahib. I just pray that his family rest in peace. may his soul rest in peace. I can’t believe that Parag Bhai is no more with us. It is getting difficult for me to bear this.

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