Friday, December 2, 2022

Colorín announces OOH Metrics, the first implementation of audience measurement in outdoor advertising in the DR

Colorín launched OOH Metrics, a new addition to its benefits portfolio that provides audience measurement data powered by satellite technology and big data.

For more than 30 years, Colorín has been a pioneer in outdoor innovation, developing important projects and operating under the highest international standards. From LED banners on bridges and overpasses, street furniture on the sidewalks to tourist signs on the highways, the company has managed to maintain a sustainable pace of expansion, which has led it to have the largest coverage nationwide.

“I am proud to say that outdoor advertising is already measurable in the Dominican Republic and that today we have become pioneers of it. Our constant search for solutions, personalized service, quality and safety are some of the elements that keep us as the best option for brand positioning”, affirmed Emmanuel Rivera, executive president of Colorín.

The businessman highlighted that OOH Metrics arose from a need in the market to be able to strengthen the effectiveness of the external environment through KPI’s and metrics that add value to management. He also assured that the project is a reality through the support of Cuende technology, a Spanish market research company focused on the creation and development of innovative outdoor advertising measurement systems.

For her part, Aida Colón, Commercial Manager of Colorín, added that “for the first time, advertisers will be able to measure the benefits and performance of their outdoor campaigns and use this data for future planning.” In this way, Colorín consolidates its vision, reinforces its competitiveness and strengthens its ties with strategic partners to create value together.

The activity also included a presentation by Yolanda Marugán, director of projects and clients in Cuende, where she showed details behind the scenes of the measurement process and what it is based on.

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