Sunday, December 10, 2023

Coach of the 12 warriors apologizes for failure in the FIBA ​​World Cup

The Mexican Basketball Team closed its participation in the FIBA World Cup 2023 with a new loss, they lost 100-72 to egyptor being the third fall of the team that commands the Coach Omar Quinterowho did not hide his annoyance at these results.

“We lack energy, it cannot be what happened to us today, there is a lack of pride, from the heart, the fans who get up at 2 in the morning do not deserve this,” he said. Quintero.

omar assumed responsibility for these results and apologized for not achieving the goal. “On behalf of the coaching staff and the staff, we apologize because this is not the team from Mexico that played in the qualifier,” he said.

The coach of the “12 Warriors” was candid when talking about his team’s performance against Egypt. “We didn’t take today’s game seriously and it costs you 28 points,” he said.

In fact, Quintero shared that prior to the game they talked aboutA ticket to the pre-Olympic was at stake, but things did not work out on the court. “We talked about it that we were fighting to go for a place in the pre-Olympic and we came out disconnected,” added the coach.

Thus Quintero He agrees to work to be able to attend the pre-Olympic. “We are going to change the chip because the day after tomorrow we have another game and we have to win both in order to have a chance to go to the pre-Olympic,” stressed the former basketball player.


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