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Clothes worth lakhs, jewelry worth crores, thug Sukesh gave many expensive gifts to Jacqueline, revealed in the charge sheet

The case of money laundering of 200 crores of Sukesh Chandrasekhar is still going on in the court. Even today new revelations are happening in this case and new twists are coming. Now the Economic Offenses Wing has filed the third supplementary charge sheet in the Sukesh case. Every gift that Sukesh Chandrashekhar bought and distributed with the cheated money has been mentioned in this charge sheet.

Sukesh gave clothes worth crores to Jacqueline

According to what has come to light in the inquiry, Sukesh Chandrasekhar had gifted Jacqueline Fernandes clothes ranging from 40 thousand T-shirts to 4 lakhs. If we talk about gifted clothes, then its cost reaches around one crore. According to the list that is with the Economic Offenses Wing, Sukesh Chandrashekhar had gifted about 47 designer clothes to Jacqueline Fernandes in 1 year. Along with this, he also gifted 62 shoes and sandals to the actress.

Ring to Dish Washer Gift

Meanwhile, Sukesh Chandrasekhar gifted five expensive watches to Jacqueline Fernandes, whose cost is around one crore rupees. After this comes the turn of designer bags. According to the information, Sukesh Chandrasekhar gifted a total of 32 designer bags to Jacqueline Fernandes. The price of these bags ranges from 50 thousand to 9 lakhs. The cost of all the bags is around Rs.80 lakh.

Apart from this, 20 jewelry items including designer rings to necklaces are also included. The cost of gold and silver jewelery is also in lakhs of rupees. Sukesh gifted Jacqueline four expensive sunglasses, three massage chairs worth 60 thousand, dish washer worth 65 thousand, 13 belts worth more than five lakh, dinner set worth 3 lakh 60 thousand, nine paintings.

Jayalalitha’s relative used to tell himself

Jacqueline Fernandes told in front of the agency that she had met Sukesh Chandrasekhar through her make-up artist Shaan. Sukesh used to describe himself as a member of Jayalalithaa’s family. He had said that many films are in the pipeline of South India. Along with it, it was also said that he is the head of a big news channel in South India. Jacqueline Fernandes has said in her statement that for the first time she talked to Sukesh Chandrasekhar through WhatsApp. Jacqueline was also told that Sukesh holds a high position in the Home Ministry.

Between February 2021 and March 2021, Jacqueline Fernandes had received gifts worth Rs 2 crore 66 lakh from Sukesh Chandrasekhar through Pinky Irani. Between March 2021 and August 2021, Jacqueline had received gifts worth Rs 3 crore 4 lakh from Sukesh through Lipakshi. Apart from this, gifts were also given to Jacqueline’s family members. According to the charge sheet, the value of the gifts given to Jacqueline and her family is Rs 7 crore 62 lakh 78 thousand 217.

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