Friday, December 8, 2023

Clash on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border: One of our soldiers was martyred

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced that Armenia has opened fire on Azerbaijani positions in the Zod region since yesterday, and an Azerbaijani soldier was martyred today in the morning. The Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Azerbaijani side opened fire and some soldiers were injured.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan made the following statements in its statement;

“On the evening of May 10, the Armenian armed forces deployed in the direction of Zod carried out a deliberate provocation by firing various light weapons at the opposing positions of the Azerbaijan Army, and as a result of this provocation, one soldier of the Azerbaijan Army was seriously injured. Despite the fact that since the morning of May 11, the Armenian armed forces have aggravated the situation and set the positions of the Azerbaijani Army under fire with mortar shells, and as a result of these provocations, one of our soldiers was martyred. and by resorting to aggressive actions, he opened fire on the sovereign lands of the Republic of Armenia with mortars and artillery. There are wounded on the Armenian side.”


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