Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Ciudad Jardín is officially the “Alfonso Queipo de Llano Sports Pavilion”

This Monday the “Sports Pavilion Alfonso Queipo de Llano“, new denomination that will have from now on the mythical installation of Ciudad Jardínin which Unicaja, the club to which the historic Costa del Sol athlete and coach, who died last year 2022, belonged, played its matches for a good part of its history, until the construction of the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace.

On January 30, the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía confirmed the name change, just as the first anniversary of the death of the father of basketball in Malaga was celebrated. The unveiling ceremony of the Alfonso Queipo de Llano Sports Pavilion began at 11:30 am with the presence of the family of the honoree, who were accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Arturo Bernalthe Secretary General for Sport, Jose Maria Arrabal, the territorial delegate of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Gemma del Corraand the mayor of Malaga Francis of the Toweramong others.

Berni Rodríguez and Carlos Cabezas greet Magdalena López-Cózar, widow of Alfonso Queipo. Unicaja

On behalf of Unicaja Baloncesto, the president attended the meeting Antonio Jesus Lopez Nietothe sports director Juanma RodriguezCoach ibon navarro and the two ambassadors, Carlos Cabezasy berni rodriguezamong other representatives of the green and purple entity.

This action would be a way of corresponding to a figure, fundamental in the development of basketball in Malaga and by extension Andalusian, whose generosity and effort were essential to consolidate and lead Malaga and Andalusian basketball to the elite in this sport, as well as a way of correspond to the greatness of this person, so that future generations know his importance and perpetuate, in this way, his valuable legacy. For all of the above, from a strictly sporting point of view, in view of his record and the sentiment of all Andalusian sports, it is considered that there are sufficient merits in his person, to dedicate and name the public sports facility of regional ownership. Ciudad Jardín Sports Center Pavilion, located in the city of Málaga, on the memory of Alfonso Queipo de Llano, deciding appropriate for this to proceed with the change of name of the aforementioned pavilion, for the Alfonso Queipo de Llano Sports Center Pavilion“, the Board pointed out in its day to announce the act that has been carried out this Monday.


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