Friday, December 9, 2022

Cities call for more community funds to support their green transition

Cities have an “absolutely crucial” role in the fight against climate change and are calling for more community funds to support their green transition and their climate policies, which are the ones that have “the most impact”.

It is one of the messages that cities left at an event of the European Committee of the Regions held within the framework of COP27 held in Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt), explained to EFE one of its members, the mayor of the Portuguese city from Braga, Ricardo Rio.

“The policies developed at the city level are those that truly have the greatest impact and are producing the most results. That is why we defend, and the Committee of the Regions has defended it very intensely, more significant volumes of financing at the level of community funds ”, he pointed out.

Rio defended that urban centers have an “absolutely crucial role in responding to global challenges” and recalled that the Committee of the Regions has developed a set of initiatives within the framework of the Green Deal to “show the work that cities all over Europe have done in this matter”.

Good practices

At the meeting at COP27, some of these “good practices” were shared, including those of Braga, one of the main cities in northern Portugal.

“We have a business mobility pact, in which several dozen companies and institutions committed themselves, together with their workers and their partners, to stimulate more sustainable urban mobility practices, such as the use of solar motorcycles, vehicle sharing or the use of public transport Rio explained.

The vehicle fleet is also being renewed -40% are already electric or compressed natural gas- and public lighting, and there are projects in the field of batteries, to study new forms of production, accumulation and distribution of electrical energy.

The mayor of Braga also stressed the importance of monitoring the progress achieved in environmental matters.

“Braga is among the world’s leading cities, there are only 21 in Europe and 123 worldwide that make up the A list of the Carbon Disclosure Project, which is a very important reference indicator,” he said.

Rio also warned that it is “impossible” to achieve the goals of the Green Pact without associating them with the Sustainable Development Goals and their application at the local level.

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