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Ciryl Gane: weight, origin… Who is the Frenchman, UFC fighter?

Ciryl Gane is the youngest of a family that grew up in Vendée. Born in La Roche-sur-Yon on April 12, 1990, to parents who worked in factories, “the good kid” grew up around a sporty family. His brother David and his older sister Julie all played for the same basketball club: La Roche VBC. His eldest has even sometimes reached the level of National 2.

The appetite for the cage did not come from his father either, an amateur boxer in Guadeloupe. The Vendéen has practiced many sports before such as football and basketball. He discovered combat sports when he arrived in Paris in particular “thanks to friends”, testified the athlete on The sweat. He started with Thai boxing. Around his twenties, he had “a click” and shortly after launched into MMA. Ciryl Gane is now a professional fighter and a reference in the heavyweight category in the UFC.

What is Ciryl Gane’s weight?

The UFC between each category imposes strict criteria. That of heavy goods vehicles is limited to 93kg and does not exceed 120kg. Ciryl Gane is just 112kg today.

How tall is Ciryl Gane?

It may be a UFC fighter in the heavyweight category and a mass of muscle, Ciryl Gane does not exceed the bar of 2m. He measures 1m93. Its length, on the other hand, amounts to 2m11.

What are the origins of Ciryl Gane?

Ciryl Gane was born in La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée) into a modest family. Her father was a bus driver and her mother was a garment cutter at the factory. The champion, through his father, also has Guadeloupean origins.

How old is Ciryl Gane?

Ciryl Gane’s age is very easy to calculate. He was born in 1990, the year of about ten. From the year 2000, just add 10 more and you will have its age. For example in 2021 he was 31 years old, in 2022 he was 32 years old and in April 2023 he will be 33 years old.

How many fights did Ciryl Gane do?

Ciryl Gane has 9 fights under her belt, almost 10 after her clash against Jon Jones on Saturday March 4th. His record is very good till date, he only lost once to Francis Ngannou on January 23, 2022.

  • 3 wins per KB
  • 2 wins by submission
  • 3 wins by decision

What is Ciryl Gane’s fortune?

After his victory over Derrick Lewis on August 8, 2021, Cyril Gane confessed on RMC, having received 160,000 euros in total. Later, the French hit the jackpot according to West Franceor he received at least 500,000 euros against Francis Ngannou in 2022. Against Jon Jones the bonus could be much higher.


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