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Chris Jones and Rivero threaten Unicaja

It could be a trivia question: Which ACB League player has won the basketball league in Mongolia? Although it seems incredible the answer is chris jones. the great star of Valencia Basketball knows what it is to start from the bottom and as soon as he finished his university journey he packed his bags and went to the Asian country to play in the Tuv Ajmag Tuv Urgats for 500 euros per month. «It was different, very different, especially now that I am in the euroleague. But you have to start somewhere, you know? And I felt that Mongolia was a nice place.. It was a springboard and I feel it was great »he said in an interview in basketnews. The road continued its march Swiss, Belgium, Turkey, Israel, France and now Spain.

The road has been long, but he has always done it accompanied by his family. Jones grew up as the eldest of 3 children.10 and 7 years younger, in a single parent household where his mother, LaTonya McCoyworked from sunrise to sunset to bring money home.

Little Chris had to play a father figure to his siblings. «That responsibility helped me with my young children and my wife. I carry everything on my back, I take care of everything. And being a point guard, you have to know how to do that on the court. There is a relationship between the game and life.

Jasiel Rivero ACB PHOTO

In the area returns the great dominator of the ACB until his injury, Jasiel Rivero. The Cuban who started in sports to channel his hyperactivity and to “abandon” the streets of Havana in the volleyballsoon change to basketball.

He stood out so quickly that he only had to play one season in the Havana capitalists to fly to Uruguay Y Argentina beside Javier Justiz. A long road that he began earning 38 dollars a month in the Cuban capital and that when he received his first salary in Burgosteam in which he landed in the CBA At 26 years old, “I touched the sky”. People told him not to come to Burgoscommented on Movistar+, «You are going to die of cold… in Cuba people die with 15 degrees and here it was below zero. The first thing I did was go to a store to buy clothes. At home I have the heating on full blast, as if I were in Cubabut then I have to go out into the street and puffff».

His quality and chemistry with his coach, Joan Penarroyathey took him to Valencia where curiously he has achieved his best game with a new coach, Alex Mumbrú. optimistic and cheerful Rivero does not leave anyone indifferent.

The team’s season The Guindos is being good, but it is true that it is missing, as the president recalled a few days ago Lopez Nietothat victory against a team of euroleaguethat victory that adds luster to the 5th position that the team now occupies in the standings and that makes many fans rub their eyes when they see it.

ibon navarro He has a complete team and has been able to prepare for the game all week. Alex Mumbrú has had a double shift euroleague entity real Madrid Y zalgiris. It is a great advantage that the new Unicaja must take advantage of. Luck

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