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Choupo-Moting kicks Messi and Mbappé out of Europe

A pressure executed to perfection together with a clumsiness of Verratti sparked another farewell for PSG from the European elite. Bayern drowned the French with that pressure that forced the recklessness of the midfielder, prologue to the goal of Choupo Motingstar in a night where the best forwards were not, oddly enough, nor Messi either mbappe. And Bayern certified that the Qatari project has no past, present or future. Money does not always bring success. It is not enough for him, as Leo would say, for whom the European crown obtained in 2015 with Luis Enrique’s Barça is filled with more and more dust.

Choupo-Mouting threw Mbappé and Messi out of Europe, with a sad PSG perched at the head of Sergio Ramos as the only danger factor in attack. The first header was plastically cleared by Sommer and the second grazed the right post of the Bayern goal. That was the only Parisian argument in a flat second half that sends him, again, to the basement of frustration, synthesized in the two losses of a confused Verratti that caused the German goals.

the party was great. Big and huge because, in reality, it did not measure two giant European football teams but rather placed two antagonistic institutions before the mirror. The tradition full of modernity of Bayern Munich, a soccer club governed by soccer players, both on the field and in the offices, in the face of the modernity made industry of PSG, a state club as denounced by the ancients, built in record time with the simplicity provided by the Endless Qatari money. Sterile money after that irresponsible departure of the ball that Bayern punished so well with the 1-0.

Not even with three centers

And so big was the night in Munich that everything was millimetered from before even starting the game. Nagelsmann saved Mane’s letter for when everything got complicated sending Joao Cancelo to the bench, betting on Davies on the left flank of the rear, holding his Bayern with a manual 4-2-3-1 in which Coman was a demon dressed as a right winger, while Musiala fluttered all over the front line.

PSG, devoid of dribbling and the audacity of the injured Neymar, whom they will not have until next season, was sheltered with a line of three central defenders (Danilo Pereira-Ramos-Marquinhos) to give flight to the wingers-interior-wingers symbolized in the figures of Achraf (right) and Nuno Mendes (left). All so that Mbappé, who was acting as a liquid nine, moving around all corners to escape the marking of Upamecano, and Messi broke the defensive net bavarian

The match started with reverential respect from Bayern towards PSG. And from PSG to Bayern, corseted both teams on the boards of their respective coaches. The coaches were in charge more than the players, no matter how much Mbappé threatened by stepping on the German area with some danger in the first 20 minutes. It is not only what he generates when he has the ball but what Kilyan intimidates when the ball seeks him.

The Bavarian team was timid, so timid that a distant shot by Goretzka (m. 16) attested to that miserable offensive production. And PSG began to dominate the game in an action in which Messi shot up to three times inside the Bavarian area without the ball crossing the net. Between Davies first and then De Ligt and, finally, Sommer broke the insistence of the Argentine star. They are those occasions in which Leo does not usually fail. But he didn’t hit it.

Bad French second half

Who did hit the mark, and with an excellent save, was Donnarumma, agile and accurate to repel the poisonous shot from musiala, a wonderful talent like the turn he made in the French area prior to an action that seemed like a goal. And it was not due to the precise intervention of the Italian goalkeeper. The problem was that PSG’s defensive plan got complicated by resent Marquinhos from his injuryforcing him to ask for the change after half an hour of a game full of rich tactical nuances.

Although, in the end, Sommer got tangled with the ball at his feet in such a way that ended up in Vitinha. He shot without a goalkeeper. He shot without a keeper. It was goal. Or goal. But the Portuguese midfielder’s shot ran into De Ligt’s miraculous clearance. An action that inflamed the Allianz Arena, calmed down Sommer, got rid of a historical ridicule, and consecrated the Dutch central defender, who celebrated him with the greatness that his appearance deserved.

In the second half, and with Choupo-Moting’s goal disallowed due to subsequent interference from MüllerBayern woke up cornering PSG, closer to Donnarumma than to Sommer. A bad omen for the French, beaten in a disastrous second half that threw them out of Europe. One more year. Another one.

When Galtier’s team wanted to react, it was already too late. As usual. It ended with Ramos as a center forward, unable as he was in 180 minutes to score a goal for Bayern. Terrible.

Data sheet:

2 – Bayern Munich: Summer; Stanisic, Upamecano, De Ligt, Alphonso Davies; Goretzka, Kimmich; Eat (Gnabry, min.86), Müller (Cancelo, min.86), Musiala (Mané, min.82) and Choupo-Moting (Sané, min.68).

0 – PSG: Donnarumma; Danilo, Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos (Mukiele, min.36; Bitshiabu, rest); Achraf, Vitinha (Ekitike, min.81), Verratti, Fabián Ruiz (Warren Zaire, min.76), Nuno Mendes (Bernat, min.82); Mbappe, Messi.

Goals: 1 – 0, min. 61, Choupo-Moting. 2 – 0, min. 90, Gnabry.

Referee: Daniele Orsato (ITA). He admonished Achraf (min.95) at PSG.

Stadium: Allianz Arena.


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