Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Chinese government says trade with Latin America exceeds pre-pandemic levels

The volume of trade between China and Latin America “has fully recovered and already exceeds that existing before the covid-19 pandemic,” the Asian country’s Ministry of Commerce declared Thursday.

“The Chinese and Latin American economies are highly complementary and there is enormous potential for cooperation between them,” said the spokeswoman for the Shu Jueting Commerce portfolio, quoted today in local media.

Business relations between the two players have “overcome the adverse impact of the pandemic, showing strong resilience and development momentum,” Shu said.

The spokeswoman pointed out that 21 countries in the region have signed some type of collaboration with the New Silk Roads, also known as the Belt and Road, the Chinese plan that seeks to build highways, railways, ports, logistics platforms and other infrastructure. in more than 60 countries.

Likewise, Shu specifically referred to trade relations between China and Cuba, a country whose president will make an official visit to the Asian country that will begin this Thursday and last until Saturday.

The volume of bilateral trade between China and Cuba “increased by 7.2% in 2021,” said the Ministry, which added that “commercial exchanges continued to grow in the first three quarters of this year and China’s imports from Cuba even reached an increase of 18.1%”.


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