Sunday, June 4, 2023

China was the largest contributor of scientific articles in 2022, according to the journal Nature

China surpassed the United States for the first time in 2022 to become the largest contributor to articles of scientific research published in the main newspapers, according to the journal Nature.

A index prepared by the magazine takes into account contributions to 82 scientific publications covering different disciplines: chemistry, environmental sciences, biology and physics.

According to the magazine, the contributions Chinese to documents published in these headers have been increasing uninterruptedly since 2014, when the index began to be compiled, and, already in 2021, they were in first place in the fields of physics and chemistry.

The index assigns points based on the proportion of scientists from a certain country who participate in the elaboration of a document, which sometimes have several authors of different nationalities.

The Asian country surpasses the North American, although the United States had a greater presence in the country itself. Nature and the journal Science.

According to a report published last August echoed by the Hong Kong daily South China Morning PostChinese scientists participated in 27.2% of the most cited studies in the world, compared to 24.9% in which American experts participated.

According to China National Bureau of Statisticsthe Asian giant spent more than 3 trillion yuan (US$426 billion, €457.9 billion) on research and development


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