Friday, December 8, 2023

China launches the fastest internet connection in the world

China has launched the world’s first ultra-high-speed internet backbone. Supports a bandwidth of 1.2 Terabits per second. To give us an idea, the power would allow us to download some 150 high definition movies in just one second.

The feat is carried out by Tsinghua University, in collaboration with China Mobile, Huawei and Cernet Corporation. The “next generation” internet backbone encompasses more than 3,000 kilometers and connects the Chinese cities of Beijing, Wuhan and Canton, Tsinghua University detailed in a statement.

The initiative is part of the government-supported Future Internet Technology Infrastructure (FITI) project. Although it was presented this week, the fiber optic cabling began its tests on July 31. “The FITI backbone network has operated stably and reliably, successfully passing several tests,” highlighted Tsinghua University.

Speed ​​is ten times faster than most Internet systems in the world. This backbone network is based on China’s self-developed technology. Even the software and hardware used for its operation were manufactured in this country.

China achieves the world’s fastest internet connection in record time

Spokespeople from Tsinghua University explained in a press conference that the central nodes of the backbone network are distributed in 40 universities, located in 35 cities in the country. The achievement breaks all industry forecasts: experts did not expect the arrival of an ultra-fast network like this until 2025, highlighted media such as South China Morning Spot.

The US recently completed the transition to its fifth-generation internet that runs at 400 Gbps. Wang Lei, vice president of Huawei Technologies, He celebrated at a press conference that the Chinese one is now three times faster.

Xu Mingwei, a representative of Tsinghua University, compared the new internet backbone to an ultra-fast train track. It’s like replacing 10 regular lanes to carry the same amount of data on one, Mingwei said. The result: a more profitable and manageable system.

Mingwei added that all the development behind the world’s fastest internet gives more autonomy to China. The industry in this country often relies on the US and Japan for access to routers and other components.

The leap in telecommunications in the Asian giant, in general terms, is enormous. The Chinese government announced last week a research plan to implement a medium or high earth orbit quantum telecommunications. The project will have an investment of 15,000 million dollars. In this way, the country will be able to cover a larger land area to send data over longer distances.

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