Saturday, December 9, 2023

Chilling! Alexander Zverev suffers terrible injury; Rafael Nadal, to the final

alexander zverev set off the alarms Roland Garros this Friday, after suffering a chilling injury to his right ankle, during the semifinals against the Spanish Rafael Nadal.

The German tennis player and Rafael Nadal They starred in an exciting match, the second set of the match was running, which was 6-6, when in a bad move, the ankle of alexander zverev it bent over him, causing him to fall prone.

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The cry of pain and despair sasha shocked everyone present and the same Rafael Nadalwho did not hesitate to approach his opponent, who was treated by doctors and removed in a wheelchair.


The game was suspended while they reviewed alexander zverevbut they determined that he could not continue competing, so Rafael Nadal advanced directly to the grand finale of Roland Garrosan instance where a rival is already waiting to fight for the title of Grand Slam the next Sunday.


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