Sunday, December 10, 2023

Checo Pérez highlights the importance of having a partner like Verstappen

The good relationship between Sergio Checo Perez and Max Verstappen has been in doubt in recent months within the world of Formula 1.

For many fans, the behavior of the Dutchman has not been correct with Checo Perez, who receives rudeness and bad attitudes before the directors of the Austrian team.

A situation that the Mexican spoke about and in which he ended his doubts, thanking to have Verstappen by your side to improve your level.

“Have to Max for reference makes you a better pilot. Get everything out of you. And also with the team, I feel like I’m more at one with the car and with the team. And I understand what direction I have to be able to take the car. And that has been a good improvement, ”he declared to the media.

He tapatio He added that the 2023 season will be difficult and recognized his teammate in the rival to beat.

“There is no doubt that there is no driver in as good shape as Max. So, together with the team and the car, he is without a doubt the most difficult driver to beat. So he will demand the maximum from me to give my best every weekend ”.


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