Saturday, December 9, 2023

Checo Pérez eliminated in Q2 and will start from 11th place in Spain

Everything is ready for the race of the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia after the qualifying session that results in Max Verstappen in the pole position and the mexican Sergio Perez out of the top places.

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At the beginning of the session the track was completely dry, the possibility of rain was palpable, during the first 18 minutes of Q1 some drivers experienced some problems due to this situation that resulted in forgetfulness of Tsunoda, Bottas, Albon and Alonso which caused the track to get dirty and led to a red flag.

This situation caused nervousness among several drivers, including those of Red Bull, since at the time of the suspension they had not recorded a time. At the restart of Q1 the drivers rushed out to set their best times and the five slowest were: Sargeant, Leclerc, Albon, Magnussen and Bottas.

The surprising removal of leclerc It was the warning for the drivers to stop speculating in Q2 and from the beginning of it the drivers began to set good times; However the mexican pilot he made a mistake and lost control of his car and went off the track, which caused him to fail to beat the time and he was eliminated for 11th place.

In the third, and final, Qualy, the first positions were defined with max verstappen in the first place without major complications; behind him will be the Spanish and pilot of Ferrari, Carlos Sainzin the third position surprisingly appeared McLaren’s Lando Norris and Pierre Gasly in the fourth place and leave everything ready for the Spanish GP.


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