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Check which devices you’re signed in with your Netflix account on

Netflix changed its policy regarding share Netflix account. But that doesn’t stop many from doing it. without paying the price additional that this red giant of entertainment now demands. Sometimes it is simply carelessness. That is, it is very easy log in on a TV or other device to watch Netflix and then forget that you are logged in.

This, in principle, is not a problem. He Netflix standard plan allows you to “view content on two devices at the same time.” And if you have contracted Netflix Premium to watch movies and series in Ultra HD quality, in that case “you can watch content on four devices at the same time.” But nobody likes it pay for your Netflix account and others use it without contributing their part.

To avoid accidentally sharing your Netflix account and to put some order in your subscription, we suggest you take a look at your Netflix account from time to time. list of connected devices to Netflix. This way you will know where you can enjoy your subscription and detect if someone around you uses it. With or without your permission.

Devices with your Netflix account open

Netflix is ​​possibly the platform that more devices supported. It is not unusual to find smart TVs that have a dedicated Netflix button on your remote control. Smart TVs from most manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, Hisense, Toshiba, Philips, Panasonic, Vestel…), Chromecast and AppleTVconsoles PlayStation (PS3, PS3 and PS5), consoles Xbox (Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series decoders from Movistar and Vodafone, Android devices, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac… The list is very extensive.

In short, you can log in with your Netflix account on many sites. And thus watch your favorite series and movies wherever you are at that moment. As long as you do not exceed the limit of devices connected at the same time. However, and as I said before, it is easy sign in on multiple devices and forget about them as time goes by. But let’s put a solution to it.

To see What devices are you logged in on? from your Netflix account:

  1. Go to Manage access and devices. From the app or from the web
  2. From the app, you are in Account > Manage access and devices
  3. From the website, simply click or tap this link. You will have to log in
  4. Once inside, you will see the list of devices where you are logged in
  5. They are ordered according to their most recent use
  6. You will see the profile that has used the Netflix account
  7. You will also see the most recent date of use (day, month, year, hour and minutes)
  8. If one doesn’t sound familiar to you and is still active, you’ve found the stowaway.

Log out of a device remotely

To prevent or prevent them from using your Netflix account, the first thing you have to do is log out of that device. Since you may not have physical access to said device, Netflix allows you log out remotely, from your own device. Then it would be a good idea to change the password just in case.

As you may have seen, in Manage access and devices Information about which devices use your Netflix account was displayed. And on each one there is a button that says Sign off. So once you have made sure Since that device does not belong to you nor does it belong to anyone you allow to use your Netflix subscription, the quickest way to prevent that device from accessing your account again is logging out remotely. Clicking on the button Sign off each device will be logged out. Which means that you will have to log in again.

Sign out of all devices

With the previous method you will clean the devices on which you are using your Netflix subscription. But you may want to be more drastic and start with a clean slate. That is to say, Sign out of all devices at once. If you do that, you will simply have to log in again on each device on which you want to watch the Netflix catalog. Something that won’t take you more than a few seconds and shouldn’t be a problem if you are the owner of that account.

To log out in one go on all devices that use your Netflix account, you will have to open the following link in a web browser. It can be on your computer or on a mobile device. It cannot be done from the official application because, obviously, you will also log out of the app. Yes indeed. You will have to indicate your username and password to be able to log out. You will only have to click on Sign off. And start again.

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