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Chatrapati Review: This South film was wrapped in the packing of Bollywood! Nice action but…

Bollywood has been making remakes of South Cinema. Under a formula, a Bollywood star selects the superhit films there and makes an exact copy of it and serves it to the audience of the Hindi belt. But this time it’s a little different. It so happened that an actor from South has made his superhit film in Hindi after about 18 years and has chosen it as his debut medium. We are talking about the 2005 Prabhas film Chhatrapati, directed by Rajamouli. Now, with a slight twist to this film, Young Brigade’s actor Bellamkonda Srinivasan has brought it.

After partition, Shiva (Bellamkonda Srinivasan) has settled in the seaside area of ​​Pakistan with his stepmother (Bhagyashree) and younger brother Ashok (Karan Chhabra). However, the refugees settled there are still not at peace. Every day there are riots among the people there. A time comes when in the fire of this riot, Shiva gets separated from his mother and brother and reaches Gujarat in India. The refugees who arrived with Shiva are forced to live in the clutches of an overbearing goon in that area of ​​Gujarat. Now the story moves forward taking twists and turns from here, where the journey from Shiva to his becoming Chhatrapati is shown. How Shiva becomes Chhatrapati? Will he be able to find his mother? Head to the theaters to know all this.

Rajamouli and Prabhas first worked together in the 2005 film Chhatrapati before doing films like Baahubali. At that time the film met the expectations of the critics and proved to be a hit at the box office as well. After almost 18 years, director VV Vinayak has brought this film with the same title. This risk of remaking Rajamouli’s film seems to be heavy for Vinayak. The film remains confined under a formula. Nothing unique is seen in the scenes copied exactly on the screen. As a result, Chhatrapati has also become a copy paste film. It really seems like torture to get out twenty minutes of the first half by sitting in the chair. One liners are also so light that the creativity is laughed at.

However, when the action sequence comes, of course there is some excitement. If the story is removed to the side, then the action of the film is strong. Each and every fight sequence is played by Bellamkonda with full swag. The hard work of the action choreographer has to be appreciated. The film seems to be very weak in the side of the story. Despite being an emotional story, emotions are not seen anywhere in the audience. The story seems to be very superficial. Overall, if we compare that Chhatrapati made in the direction of Rajamouli, then the film remains limited to the average. Even though a lot of effort has been made to serve it in Bollywood style, but the whole South Indian flavor is available in the taste.

The strongest side of the film is its action department. Strong action has given a relief to the weak story. All the fight sequences of the film look like a treat to the eyes. The hard work of the action choreographer is clearly visible on the screen. At the same time, cinematically the film looks beautiful but the story seems so weak that your attention does not go to its grandeur. The filming of the songs has been done on a very high level, but alas the lyrics and music of the songs do not make any special place in your heart. There should have been some work in the editing side of the film as well, for example, if some dragged scenes in the beginning of the first half had been removed, then perhaps the film would have looked better because of its crispness.

South actor Bellamkonda Srinivasan is going to make his Bollywood debut with this film. Bellakonda’s hard work is clearly visible on the screen. His swag during action sequences is really commendable. All those qualities of a perfect actor are clearly visible in Bellamkonda. But in the emotion sequence of this film, he has been seen very weak. While emoting the emotion of a bereaved son, Bellamkonda flats have been installed at many places. Nushrat Bharucha is an excellent actress, due to not getting much screen space, her character remains glamorous. Bhagyashree’s work as a mother has been on point. Jaskaran Chhabra, who became the younger brother, has caught the graph of his character very well. Sharad Kelkar is a brilliant actor, he has done full justice to his character as a villain. But alas the screenplay is so crude that even his character is unable to leave that impact.

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Full to masala film. This film can be seen for a great action experience. If you have seen Chhatrapati of Rajamouli and Prabhas, then you may feel disappointed after comparing. Overall it is a family film, which can be enjoyed sitting with the family.


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