Friday, September 29, 2023

ChatGPT loses around 10 percent of traffic globally for the first time since launch

ChatGPT, the ‘chatbot’ powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) developed by OpenAI, has lost 9.7 percent of traffic globally during the month of June, the first decline recorded since its launch, which occurred in January of this year.

He ‘chatbot‘ of OpenAI was presented as a service trained with a language model capable of processing and generating content to maintain a text conversation, with the ability to link ideas and remember previous conversations.

The company run by sam altman It continues to roll out improvements and new capabilities for its chatbot, such as the ability to use its new generation of GPT-4 language model, which it introduced in March, for all API developers. This new model integrates the ability to solve large problems with precision and offer more useful and secure answers.

Likewise, ChatGPT has also expanded by incorporating itself into products and services of other brands, as is the case with the new versions of Bing and edgedeveloped by Microsoft, which were presented in February.

Due to this incorporation, the ‘chatbot’ has been experiencing exponential growth in both traffic and users who download its ‘app’ or use it on the web.

However, during this month of June ChatGPT has experienced for the first time a decrease in traffic of 9.7 percent, as well as 5.7 percent fewer unique visitors, as registered by the company specialized in web analysis Similarweb in a statement on his blog.

This traffic drop refers to global desktop and mobile web traffic. On the other hand, in addition to a decrease in the number of unique visitors, there has also been an 8.5 percent drop in the amount of time visitors spend on the website.

With all this, the results suggest that user interest in ChatGPT has decreased in the last month, compared to how its use has been growing in the months after its launch. However, the data collected by Similarweb also indicates that ChatGPT continues to attract “more visitors from around the world” than other services. Among them, Bing.

Likewise, despite its decline, ChatGPT continues to outperform the second most popular independent service of ‘chatbot‘ of AI such as Character.AI, whose traffic has also decreased by 32 percent “month to month”, according to this company.


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