Friday, September 22, 2023

ChatGPT comes to your adult toy: Pleasure Companion vibrates to the rhythm of AI stories

The popular adult toy company, Lovense, has presented its new Pleasure Companion application, which will be able to integrate one of its most famous vibrators with the power of the most popular Artificial Intelligence on the planet: ChatGPT.

During the last few months we have seen how Artificial Intelligence systems have gotten into everything, from our work in the office, to the field of digital arts and even the central plot of the new .

So it should not surprise us that this technology has now integrated into the competitive and almost indistinguishable market for vibrators and similar accessories. Where it is almost impossible to distinguish one product from the other.

But this is where Lovense has made its way, always playing the cunning card of integrating the latest technology with minimalist, aesthetic and very attractive designs.

In a sense, this firm is like the Apple of sex toys and it was only a matter of time before they came up with the next obvious move to stay ahead: integrating Artificial Intelligence into the pleasure functions of their devices.

This is how ChagGPT works with Pleasure Companion: an app that generates hot stories by AI so that your toy vibrates to its rhythm

A report from the friends of New York Post details the details of this new release from Lovense where they have integrated the power of ChatGPT with the Lush, one of their most popular vibrators on the market.

It is a toy that can be linked to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, tremendously facilitating interaction and control of rhythm variations with the possible variations that a touch screen interface allows.

Well, now to this has been added the Advanced Lovense ChatGPT Pleasure Companion, a platform that allows the chatbot to be used to spin instructions that generate hot stories with precise instructions on the rhythm, so that the toy vibrates the beat marked by what Artificial Intelligence generates. :

“Our r Advanced Lovense ChatGPT Pleasure Companion now allows you to design a story you want, embody any of your fantasies or dreams, and fully immerse yourself in them.

With the help of our app or, you can now create any story and explore your sexuality and limits completely independently.”

This is how Dan Liu, CEO of Lovense, describes the overall functionality of this new platform which is currently in beta, available exclusively on the Lovense Remote app, free of charge to all app users.


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