Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Charlyn Corral is consecrated scoring champion of the Women’s League with a historic figure

Charlie Corral left his name marked in the history of the Women’s MX League after consecrating herself as champion of goleo of the Closing 2023.

the front of Pachuca got his first scoring title in Mexico after having scored 20 goals in the tournament, setting the record for the most goals in the regular season.

In this way, the artillery of gophers broke the mark they set katty martinezwho scored 18 goals with tigers at Opening 2020, and Alison Gonzalezwho broke the net 18 times with Atlas in Clausura 2021.

The Aztec striker sealed her scoring title by scoring in the victory of the Women’s Pachuca in view of Blue Cross by a score of 3-0, thus winning the battle against her partner Jennifer Beautifulwho scored 18 goals in 17 days.

“It is a great achievement, an enormous satisfaction, only those who have been on the field know what it is to be fighting. I thank my partner Jenni, because as I said ‘we get better’ and thanks to her I was able to break the record, competition always adds up. I know what it cost me Charlie Corral it is a symbol of perseverance”, the scorer mentioned at the end of the match in an interview with Fox Sports.


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