Saturday, September 30, 2023

César Iglesias SA recognized as “Great Innovative Company of the Country”

The company César Iglesias SA was recognized as ‘Great Innovative Company of the Country’, during the award ceremony that the Innovati Foundation carries out each year, in its mission to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic.

Two relevant points earned the company its choice in this year 2022: Having cutting-edge plants and machinery, and being the first Dominican company on the stock market. To this, Jesús Feris Ferrus, his representative before the award ceremony, said: “I thank the Innovati Foundation, the jury and the organizers of this event for this award on behalf of my family, the owners, the Council, senior management… and on behalf of each of the thousands of people who work today, and have worked at César Iglesias, for the last 112 years.”

He stressed that, although it may sound contradictory to talk about innovation and history at the same time, what is happening now: “reminds me of the journalist who asks a captain of industry what was fashionable; ‘How did he manage to be famous overnight?’, And the businessman thinks about it for a moment and answers him; ‘He took me 30 years!’ That sounds like a lapidary truth to them because the ability to innovate is not improvised or bought to get a prize”.

He explained his consideration by saying that, in its best form, innovating is a culture, a philosophy… that makes everyone get up to work every day looking for ways to improve what they do, whether it is a process, a formula, a design, an accessory, an analysis, a route… “In short, it is an attitude that is encouraged and rewarded, that of not being afraid and looking for the new, the different and, inevitably, over the years permeates each corner of the company and becomes an integral part of everyone’s daily work”, said Feris Ferrus.

He concluded his speech convinced that innovation is what moves the world, and “what makes us better as a company, as a country and as people”.


The Innovati Foundation award ceremony took place in the Dorothy Van Vleet Auditorium of the Ufhec University, and was headed by Luis Sánchez-Noble, president of the entity, as well as by Mildred Josefina de Sánchez-Noble, vice president.

This activity, annually brings together businessmen and entrepreneurs and on this occasion, trendsetters who work every day to strengthen a culture of innovation that allows the creation of a future with more competitive companies that generate employment and economic development in each city of the country.


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