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Celebration: How to celebrate an occasion without affecting the pocket?

Most Dominicans are characterized by being partygoers. However, to hold a memorable and fun party on the occasion of a holiday such as Mother’s Day or on the occasion of your birthday, that of your children or another loved one, you do not have to “throw the house out the window”, neglecting their economic commitments or acquiring debts that affect their wallet.

For the owner of the events company Globos Decoraditos CyD, Carlixta Acosta, plan ahead, put together a budget, be clear about the type of event (birthday, wedding, anniversary, gender reveal, commitment, about 15 years or another) and the theme to execute will allow you to define the entire organization, as well as establish a strict plan based on the amount available.

Before establishing the previous point, the decoration expert explains to the money Other issues need to be known. Among them, he mentions how many people will attend, when, where and at what time the event will take place, what theme he wants, what is the age of the party, what type of decoration he needs and if he should hire some type of entertainment. These answers will help you choose the option that best suits your needs and, above all, your portfolio.


Depending on the needs and availability of each person, a simple children’s birthday party can range from RD$5,500 with the cake, chairs and candy stand as essential elements, up to an average of RD$30,000 which also includes organizers. events, popcorn and cotton machines, face painting, decoration based on popular themes with partitions and balloon arches, costumes, clown or professional entertainer. Some expenses exceed RD$50,000.

If your intention is to hold a children’s party without spending a lot of money, an alternative is to consider the offer packages or combos offered by various event companies in the country, depending on the number of children and elements to include such as decoration, cake, food or ” picadera”, drink, entertainment, invitations, boxes or souvenirs. This can be scheduled with 50% of the total cost.

“When you hire everything individually, it usually ends up being more expensive, as well as stressful,” says the expert. “On the other hand, when you opt for an offer or combo with the same company, not only do you make life easier, but you can obtain substantial savings,” she added.

In general, a combo for 20 children, omitting some items, could cost approximately RD$20,000, which could vary depending on the items to be added, as well as the company to be hired. He adds that, regardless of whether the party is sumptuous or simple, or whether it is for a child or an adult, it is advisable to plan at least three months in advance to quote prices, take advantage of combo offers, if you need to rent a venue or borrow a space.

“You will be able to organize with more time and more detail, if you do it in advance,” stresses the expert, urging people to think about everything that can generate an expense and thus identify savings opportunities and calculate how much money they should have to carry out the event.

Before the event consider

  1. Theme: Having defined the type of event will allow you to know everything you will need to carry it out without complications and in a way that is entertaining for the guests.
  2. Place, date and time. It will guide you in aspects such as the type of food to choose and the space you have available. If you are looking for economy, consider hosting it at home or in a public place.
  3. Budget: Once the amount is defined, try not to go out of schedule or resort to debts that could affect your regular financial commitments at home.
  4. Planning. The organization of a party must be planned to avoid hasty decisions that empty your pocket. Save a few months early, shop around, get creative.
  5. Technology. Get creative and use technology to your advantage when designing the invitations or sending them digitally. The key is not to exceed the expenses and to adapt them to the income.


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