Wednesday, November 29, 2023

CD Málaga 91 is proclaimed champion of Andalusia and will fight for promotion

Málaga field hockey is in luckCD Málaga 91, the quintessential team from the capital of the Costa del Sol defeated the current champions of Alcalá la Real in an authentic match that allows them to be first with one game remaining. The remaining day will be held this Sunday at the Javier Imbroda Sports City and it will be a real party regardless of the final result. This last meeting will have a double objective, to serve as the culmination of a wonderful season and to present the team that will fight for promotion. Also emphasize the need for financing for a promotion phase that they welcome as hosts on June 16, 17 and 18

The road has been very hard. The season began for the boys of Juanma Requena at the end of September, in a thick first game where club 91 prevailed by a tight 2-1 against GCH Carataunas Ilusiona (Granada). From there upwards, finishing the first round without defeat, only giving up points in Alcalá (Jaén) against the team that in the end would be the only one capable of following in the wake of Malacitana. The last game before the break was at the beginning of December and closed with a 7-0 away win against the University of Seville.

Stop and change of surface. For two and a half months, indoor hockey competitions were held where the Málaga 91 finished 6th in Spain confirming their presence among the best teams for another year. And back to the grass…

Second round of shocks

The Andalusian League resumed on the second weekend of March. Again tight victory (0-1), this time away from home, against Carataunas. Several weeks without playing due to the lack of teams and poor planning. Home game in which CH Benalmádena signed a Not Shown, another several weeks without playing… And then the first defeat would come. In Cádiz, a bored Málaga 91, lacking in creativity and with casualties, would lose by a minimum (4-3) against CH San Fernando. Without time to react a week later they played everything for everything against CH Alcalá. An away victory left them without the championship and repeated the situation of the previous year where the Alcala natives won the league in the last game.

The story this time was different and there was no color on the carpet of the Javier Imbroda Sports City. Despite what the final score of 6-4 shows, the locals went 5-1 with 17 minutes to go and relaxation almost cost them what would have been a disaster.

What’s left…

Last match against SADUS (Universidad de Sevilla) already as League champions. A good time to celebrate the regional title in front of their fans and a good time to claim the need for sponsors to play the promotion phase.

CD Málaga 91 will be the organizer of one of the four semifinals that are played at a national level. The Javier Imbroda Sports City will host on June 16, 17 and 18 the matches that qualify for a four-way final for promotion where only two rise. The first classified from Galicia, the third classified from Catalonia and the 1st (Málaga 91) and 3rd (San Fernando) from Andalusia will fight for a single position. The need for financing to be able to organize is essential for a team with the desire to do something big and that represents the entire city of Malaga.


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