Sunday, June 4, 2023

Catalan government describes Real Madrid video as ‘fake new’

The spokesperson for the Government of Catalonia, Patrícia Plajadescribed as “fake news” indecent” the video response of real Madrid to the words of president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laportain which he considers the white team as the team of the regime, and urged to withdraw the video and apologize.

She said it at the press conference this Tuesday after the Executive Council when asked about said video: “It is such a crude manipulation of history, that it seems manual,” she said. plajawho stated that this issue was not addressed at the Government meeting.

He described as worrisome that the content of the video — in which he wonders if he is not the FC Barcelona the ‘regime team’– comes from a club like the real Madrid: “It is worrisome, irresponsible and an offense to the people who suffered from the Franco regime.”

In the video, the real Madrid underlines facts such as the Camp Nou was inaugurated by José Solís Ruiz, General Minister of Francothat the Catalan club awarded the General its gold and diamond insignia, decorated him three times and named him an honorary member in 1965.

plaja remembered that the former president of FC Barcelona Josep Sunol was shot by the Franco regime in 1936, something that “maybe that in Madrid don’t remember”.

“It would be nice if he real Madrid remove the video and apologize,” the spokeswoman concluded.


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