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Carlos Sainz trusts that Ferrari “arrives better” in Barcelona

The Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​just around the corner (June 2-4) and those responsible for Circuit of Barcelona have organized a meeting with the media in Madrid to publicize the latest details of the event, before the official presentation in Barcelona. Carlos Sainz, recently arrived from Miami, took part in the event and exposed the problems that Scuderia Ferrari is currently going through, which have prevented it from fighting for victory in the first five Grands Prix of the season.

“I feel very well, but the year has not started as we expected; we thought we would start at least where we were a year ago, fighting for podiums and victories; but Red Bull is making things very difficult for all the rest of us,” he acknowledged. the 28-year-old pilot from Madrid, who adds a win (Silverstone 2022) and fifteen podiums in the premier class.

Sainz, who shared the stage during the presentation with Manuel Avinovice president of the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) and president of the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation (RFEA) and Josep Lluis Santamariageneral director of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, has shown hope and has stressed that “everyone at the Maranello factory is focused on analyzing everything, on trying to understand what Red Bull is doing that we are not doing to try to correct the heading as soon as possible.”

“We are still trying to hit the key. There is still a lot to understand; we are in a moment of analysis. Everyone in the team is doing everything possible so that we can improve, which is what we all hope”, added Sainz, who adds 44 points, 75 less than the leader, Max Verstappen.

“I am already thinking about the Spanish Grand Prix, which I think will be full and with a great atmosphere, I am very motivated, but before that we still have Imola and Monaco, which will also be two very intense weekends; For Charles (Leclerc) the home race is Monaco and then comes mine, in SpainIt’s something you always keep in mind. The team will bring some improvements and hopefully we will arrive in Barcelona in a better position than we are right now”, said Sainz in Las Rozas.

“I find it incredible that so much time has passed since my first Spanish Grand Prix (2015), but they have been good years for me, with progression. Going to Barcelona for the third year as a Ferrari driver is very special. I have tried to improve in everything and I’m more eager than ever to compete in front of the people, there are more and more of them. F1 is on the rise and it’s going to be one of the best Spanish Grands Prix in recent years”, Carlos celebrated. “I feel privileged to experience the sweetest moment in F1 and more as a Ferrari driver, but also with the anger that there is such a dominating team and we are not capable of adding a little more sauce to the races”, he confessed. .

Everything ready at the Circuit… for the 33rd

The director of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Josep Lluis Santamaria explained the improvements that have been made to the track in recent months, both in terms of safety and track configuration, with the removal of the last chicane, as well as “in general in facilities that after 30 years They’ve been degrading.” After criticism from many fans who last year had to put up with endless queues at entrances and restaurant points and a lot of heat on a weekend in which they registered 38th, the grand prix promoters have also invested in trying to alleviate this type of situation.

“Although inevitably 120,000 people in a race they end up collapsing everything, we have worked at all levels to improve public transport, drinking water fountains, restoration points and we have also added numerous shaded areas throughout the venue”, explained Santamaría.

Regarding ticket sales, he acknowledged that “we expect a full house, like last year. We went on sale in November and everything sold out in ten days. We have created new stands and opened other possibilities, but everything we have been putting out for sale has sold out. There are still a few for sale few localities with reduced visibility and some hospitality spaces”, pointed out the director of the Circuit, which is preparing to receive around 330,000 during the first weekend of June.

So much expectation is logical if we take into account the growing popularity of F1 and the presence of two Spanish drivers on the grid, Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso. In addition, the Asturian could achieve the long-awaited 33rd victory (his 32nd was achieved precisely in Barcelona with Ferrari in 2013) at the wheel of his Aston Martin, with which this year he already has four podiums. And to all this, Santamaría underlines another fact: The next edition of the Spanish GP at the Circuit will be… the 33!


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