Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Carlos Hermosillo criticizes the work of Conejo Pérez in Cruz Azul

After a bad start to the season and the early elimination in League Cup, Blue Cross decided to cease to Ricardo Ferretti as technical director. In this situation, Carlos Hermosillocriticized Oscar Rabbit Perezwho works as sports director of the club, for not being able to make decisions and the board for not letting him work.

“I don’t want to talk about ‘Rabbit’. He is a person I love very much, I spoke to him from Qatar and told him to be very careful. It is very cool to be appointed when they let you make decisions, when you can restructure together with the technical director, that’s what the sports director is for, to see what you need, the team’s own needs. When they don’t let you, you become a paper sports director, ”he commented for Diario AS.

perez rabbit

hermosillo He also expressed himself about the dismissal of the Tuca Ferrettiassuring that it was a bad decision since the problem is not the coach.

“The technician they bring in will not change anything with Cruz Azul, the problem is the assembly of the team. Who made the decision to bring Tuca? You bring it to run it and you don’t give it continuity, you don’t give it the opportunity to walk a little more with a team that is badly armed, that brings players to bring players, “he concluded. hermosillo.

He Giant of Cerro Azul, He is not only one of the historical players of Machineis also the maximum goal scorer of the cement team with 168 goals.


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