Thursday, September 21, 2023

Carla Viegas will play for the bronze of the European sub-18 after falling with France

The continental medal of Carla Viegas in the European sub-18 will have to wait one more game. Spainbrilliant throughout the tournament, ran into this Saturday in the semifinals with a Far superior France (49-82) that sends him to play this Sunday the match for the bronze medal against Serbia (6:00 p.m.).

Spain suffered a lot. He didn’t even come close to victory at any time. The domain was overwhelming from start to finish. The 4-7 of the first minutes was simply a mirage. The offensive rebound of the French, the toughness -within limits- when defending, the success in the shot from the 6.75 line… Everything they could do well, they did well. While everything went wrong for the Spanish. The 24-31 break allowed us to believe with some slight possibility, but the reality was what it was (49-82).

Carla Viegas, like the rest of her teammates, did not have a good game by any means. She was missing during the first half, playing only 5 minutes. A missed basket and a personal foul perfectly reflected what she suffered both in attack and defense during the first half. She was not allowed to shoot at her level nor was she comfortable on defense. A detail that defines the game perfectly is that he launched his first triple -without success- in the last quarter. he finished with 2 points and 2 rebounds in 18.11 minutes.

This Sunday, against Serbia (6:00 p.m.)will have one last chance to close this U-18 European Championship at the best level with a medal before making the leap to the United States.


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