Monday, December 4, 2023

Car sales in France rise 22% in April, 17% in four months

The car sales New individuals in France increased by 22% in April compared to the same month in 2022 with 132,509 units, with which the accumulated increase in the first four months of the year was 17% with 553,396 cars.

In its dossier With the updated figures for April published this Monday, the French manufacturers’ platform (PFA) notes that registrations so far this year are in any case slightly below those of 2021 in the same period.

In April they managed to increase the sales Compared to 2022, the vast majority of automobile groups and in particular Renault, which progressed 54.65% with 36,589 cars.

Among the greats of market French, also experienced significant increases Volkswagen (31.59% with 18,831) or Nissan (+15.68% with 3,364).

More modest were the increases in stellantiswhich is the one with the highest market share (+5.75% with 37,537 cars), BMW (+6.71% with 5,490) or Toyota (+4.68% with 7,047).

At the other end, Daimler suffered an almost negligible drop of 0.72% with 3,563 cars.

In April, 21% of the cars registered in France were electric (a 13% pure electric and 8% rechargeable). In the first four months of the year, this percentage is 23% (15% pure electric and 9% rechargeable). Last year they had been 22% in total.


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