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Capcom considers that using mods is another way to cheat in games

Mods have become a very popular resource to improve our experience in video games, mainly on PC. However, in Capcom They don’t see them with the same eyes. The Japanese company, responsible for franchises such as resident Evil, Street Fighter and Megamanto mention a few, consider mods to be another form of cheating.

Capcom’s research and development department (R&D), through a presentation that includes Games Radarmentions that they classify mods as cheats. Except those that have official support from you.

“All mods are defined as cheats, except when they are officially supported. What they do internally is no different than cheating.”

Obviously, this position is already generating controversy in the industry. While it is true that, on a technical level, mods also make changes to the way a video game works, Its purpose is completely different from traps.

Cheating in a game involves taking advantage through a process that, we assume, is prohibited. In fact, a good part of cheating players are present in multiplayer titles. They violate the rules and ruin their rivals’ games.

Mods are simply intended to make your experience better. Whether visually or functionally. An important point is that mod creators generally develop their code to work only in solo modes, which prevents the player from having an advantage in the competitive aspect.

Even so, at Capcom they think that mods are not very different from cheats. “Most mods can have a positive impact on the game,” they add. His statement, although correct, lacks mention of a purpose.

What Capcom is right about is that Installing mods could cause errors or performance issues in the games. The above, in turn, increases the number of complaints to their support team, who certainly should not be held responsible when a user installs software developed by third parties.

We might think that this Capcom exhibition aims to demonize mods and subsequently ban them. However, the company only intends to disseminate that these resources, at least in their case, generate a additional expense. Especially since their support team has to deal with more complaints and then check if the bug belongs to the game or the mod.

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