Thursday, September 21, 2023

Canada clears the anti-vaccine blockade that prevented crossing into the US

The Canadian Police have cleared the Ambassador International Bridge on Sunday morning, which connects Canada and the US and which remained blocked for a week due to anti-vaccines. Dozens of officers arrested some of the protesters who resisted leaving the protest. Police noted on Twitter that they are making arrests and “vehicles are being removed.”

Around 8:30 a.m. local time (1:30 p.m. GMT), the Police informed dozens of people who were blocking access to the Ambassador Bridge that they would make arrests if they did not immediately abandon the protest.

Canada clears the anti-vaccine blockade that prevented crossing into the US

Some of the protesters, who oppose the measures taken to combat the pandemic, decided to leave the area but another group stood firm. The Police expelled the journalists from the area and began to make arrests among the protesters who resisted.

The Police also removed the vehicles that the protesters used to block access to the Ambassador Bridge, the most important land crossing between Canada and the United States and through which daily about 400 million dollars in goods circulate. After clearing the protesters, the Police said on Twitter that they will continue to act in the protest area and that they will not tolerate the slightest “illegal activity” for fear that the blockade will be reproduced.

The protest on the Ambassador Bridge began a week ago when several dozen truckers blocked its access in solidarity with anti-vaccine protesters. who for 16 days have occupied downtown Ottawa. Given the passivity of the Police, the protesters in Windsor prevented the traffic of goods and individuals for days, which has caused serious damage to the economies of the two countries.

At least six auto assembly plants, on both sides of the border, have had to reduce or cease production due to missing parts. The police operation to restore normality on the international bridge, which connects the cities of Windsor (Canada) and Detroit (USA), only began on Saturday morning after a Canadian judge ordered the dissolution of the protest and that the government of the province of Ontario declared a state of emergency.

Meanwhile, the blockade at other border crossings in western and central Canada remains, as well as the occupation of downtown Ottawa, where some 400 trucks and hundreds of people block access to the Canadian Parliament.


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