Friday, September 22, 2023

CAEI Consortium says the harvest closed with good results despite the drought

The Sugar Consortium of Industrial Companies (CAEI) reported that it closed the 2022-2023 harvest with “success” despite the strong impact that the drought in their plantations.

The Executive Vice President of the consortium, Benigno Trueba, explained that the company had to overcome various challenges, which in addition to the weather, affected the exercise of the harvest which just ended.

The executive explained that between December 2022 and July 2023, CAEI produced 153,951 tons of refined and cream sugar. He indicated that the milling lasted 219 days, of which his plantations had more than three months without rain, which “indisputably affected the growth of our cane.”

Trueba spoke in these terms in an act held at the company’s facilities with directors, managers, coordinators and plant personnel. In this context, he congratulated all the collaborators because a production was achieved that will allow the company to continue supplying its product both locally and in its export market major.

He expressed that each harvest represents an opportunity to increase the efficiency and productivity of the fields, as well as a path for growth, learning and projection to continue advancing. “Despite the adversities, we were able to conclude our exercise successfully,” added Trueba.

The executive indicated that after finishing this milling, the company will prepare to “continue with the same commitment and dedication to cultivate the cane that we will be grinding in the incoming harvest.” We still have challenges ahead, at the commercial level and at the field level in which we mitigate the potential impact of the drought in order to have another successful harvest in 2023-2024.”

In the same way, the CAEI Consortium carried out, as every year, the traditional cane cutter awards, in which the great champion of cane cutting for each manual cutting front, based on attendance at work, cutting quality and total tons cut in the harvest.

The event took place in the Multipurpose Hall of the Nuevo Cayacoa community and was headed by the harvest director, Hernando Cardona Aguilera, as well as the regional harvest manager, Joan Rambalde, the manual cutting manager Andrés Vasco and the manager of Human Resources, Stevens Calcaño.

The first place in the cane cut was awarded to the pickers Elitho Jean, Justin Pierre and Tony Figaro. The three who took second place were Melieh Joseph, Manno Antoine and Marcel Emanier, while Cebiel Dieudonne, Claudy Jeanty and Jude Eve, took third place.

The pickers receive their vacation pay in mid-July, an incentive for the tons cut in the 7 months of the harvest, as well as an additional stimulus bonus.

The CAEI Consortium has three manual cutting fronts. The company explained that it has a biometric data system for all its farm laborersincluding cane choppers, with which each cutter records their attendance daily in an electronic system in the field, thus guaranteeing exact and direct payment to the person doing the work.

CAEI is a company within the portfolio of assets managed by Putney Capital Management, a manager affiliated with INICIA.


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