Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Cádiz requests the temporary suspension of LaLiga for the ‘Elche case’

He Cadiz CF has filed an appeal with the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) after the Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF) declared itself incompetent to address his request to challenge the last duel before the Elche.

The Andalusian team announced this Wednesday the line that it has followed since last January 16 with 1-1 at Nuevo Mirandilla, “As a consequence of an unfortunate and negligent action by the arbitration group” for which Cádiz “was seriously harmed.”

For this reason, Cádiz “has filed an appeal before the Administrative Court of Sports (TAD) against the resolution issued by the RFEF Appeals Committee on February 9, 2022, by which the disciplinary bodies of the RFEF They declare that they are not competent to hear the party’s challenge request,” he says.

The Cadiz painting “reiterates its claim to a partial repetition of the aforementioned matchwith retroaction to the moment before the negligent action of the refereeing team occurred, which resulted in a manifest and serious material error, from which potentially irreparable damage is derived for Cádiz, “he adds.

In addition, the Tacita de Plata team recalls that there is a history of matches that were repeated, in UEFA and FIFA, to “avoid the damages and losses that erroneously adopted refereeing decisions would cause to the teams involved.” “In the Spanish sphere, there are precedents adopted in other sports modalities and, even by the RFEF itself, which considered the partial replay of a match appropriate and in accordance with the law, in order to avoid the damages derived from refereeing errors, as happens in our case,” he adds.

“In the framework of said appeal before the TAD, Cádiz has requested the adoption of precautionary measures consisting of the temporary suspension of the First Division competition until the effective resolution of the file by the competent bodies, in our firm conviction, founded in law, that only with the adoption of said precautionary measure will it be possible to avoid an increase in the damages and losses caused to Cádiz”, he points out.

In addition, the yellow box insists on the “necessary” suspension of the competition “to safeguard the integrity of the competition and ensure fairness and equality of the clubs participating in it, avoiding an unwanted adulteration of said competition, the result of a manifest, serious and negligent arbitration technical error, which at this time is still repairable and reversible”.


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