Thursday, December 1, 2022

CAB Estepona will look for another league victory in Pineda

Third match in eight days for the team coached by Pablo Bernabé, who will seek at home to return to a positive balance of wins and losses in the season that will be the first visit to Estepona by CD Baloncesto Adarevaalthough both clubs already saw each other in a promotion phase to the Women’s League 2 years ago in Los Guindos.

The CAB Estepona Garden of the Costa del Sol, already in play off positions after the tenth day of the league, He will try to assert his local status and prevent more victories from escaping in the Pineda against a team from Tenerife that still does not know what to win away from Ríos Tejeda, their pavilion, in Women’s Challenge League.

In the run-up to the match, the male coach of the Estepona squad defined Adareva as “a team in need of victories”since its balance is 3-7, but without hiding that “They are doing a good job in their debut in the category, especially at home, where they are showing themselves to be very strong”especially considering that they maintain the vast majority of the squad with which they achieved promotion.

Regarding their status as debutants and visitors, Bernabé assured that they will arrive at Pineda “uninhibited” since “They have nothing to lose but a lot to gain” and that will make them face the match “without any kind of complex, which makes them very dangerous”.

Regarding the campus of the CAB Estepona Garden of the Costa del Sol, The Cordovan coach assured that “after hitting rock bottom” with four straight losses, “These two consecutive victories give some breathing room”, although the bloc faces the game “with almost no time to celebrate or prepare for it”. In addition, regarding the physical state of the squad, he hopes “to be able to count on the largest number of players” and Focusing on Ana Pocek, low in Melilla, he was “optimistic” as far as his presence on the floor is concerned, although he pointed out that “she has not recovered and, if it is finally from the game, we are aware that it will do so after a week in which a strong flu has passed and that at the level of forces and energy can take its toll ”.

A block that does not lose faith in itself

The Tenerife team did not start last season as one of the candidates in their Women’s League 2 group to qualify for the base and they did so with solvency thanks to a powerful inside game and a remarkable outside shot. They arrived in Melilla without being one of the names that were in the pools to get one of the two tickets for LF Challenge and they ended up doing it in the last second of extra time with a triple by Alba Peña that will remain in the memory of Canarian basketball for forever.

The same formula wanted to transfer Antonio Cañamero to this season’s squad, renewing key pieces such as María Luque, Sendy Basáez, the aforementioned Peña, Julie Dacosta or Noelia Ibáñez, in addition to the home players who help the rotation, signing the Argentine interior Celia Fiorotto, the best rookie last season in the third category of national women’s basketball, averaging a double-double, and achieving the transfer from the neighboring club, Clarinos, of Maimouna Haidara, one of the pearls of Malian basketball.

A short squad but with a very marked hierarchy and a more than internalized style of play, since most of the squad members have been with the club for more than five years, either in the first team or in the base categories. Their biggest must, so far, are the games away from home, where they have a balance of five defeats without knowing victory, although with each passing day they show a better version and with the recent incorporation of Haidara they add a new piece to his arsenal.

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