Friday, December 9, 2022

CAB Estepona travels to Melilla for the postponed match of matchday 1

Continue growing on both sides of the field in search of the best version of the team, that is the objective of the block coached by Pablo Bernabé, in addition to adding the fifth victory of the season, during his visit to the autonomous city of Melilla to take on Melilla Sport Capital La Salle (Wednesday, 8:00 p.m.), current bottom of the LF Challenge with a single victory but with a squad and a budget to be much higher in the league table, so it will not be worth relaxing if you want to return from Guillermo García Pezzi with a victory.

As it is a postponed meeting, Pablo Bernabé will not be able to count on Absa Diawsince the Senegalese was registered in the FEB after the date the match was to be held, belonging to the first day of the league and postponed because the local team player Aminata Traore was in Australia with her team.

The maleno coach assures that it is “a very complicated start”, since Melilla Sport Capital la Salle is “a team that does very well at home and the classification is deceiving, since they are fighting almost every game”, pointing out that They must not relax: “We cannot make the mistake of thinking that it is an easy match.”

The balance of one victory and eight defeats makes the Lasallian team “a team in need” which, in the words of Bernabé, it can cause “anxiety”, which “can be excessively motivating but also play tricks”, which makes this a game that “will be tough.” Regarding his team, the coach comments that they are trying to “recover the players who have been touched and some that are going through a flu process” and that he hopes “to be able to count on as many as possible for the game.”

The top scorer of Melilla Sport Capital La Salle is Bojana Stevanovic, with 12.1 points, in addition to 6.4 rebounds, being a player who can act both in the forward and power forward position; behind her, the girl from Tenerife Laura Fernandez he is signing 9.8 points, 3.1 rebounds and 2.9 assists. As a team they propose a high rhythm and happy game and, like the CAB Estepona Garden of the Costa del Solsuffers from defensive problems, conceding more than 73 points per game.

Continuity of the block with some tweaks

The team coached by Pauli Puerto came close to promotion last season, on their pitch, but a triple by Alba Peña in extra time and on the buzzer left the Lasallian team without the goal of the season. During the summer, given the impossibility of Campus Promise to compete in the first two categories of national women’s basketball, they won a place in LF Challenge. From there, the team from Melilla renewed the bulk of the squad: former CAB member Laura Fernández, Nuria Ríos, Ana Jiménez from Malaga, the Brazilian international Alana Gonçalo, the Serbian Bojana Stevanovic, Isa Mbomio and the Malian international Aminata Traore, for whom the game was postponed at the time but who will be out due to injury throughout the season.

Once the backbone of the team was renewed, they managed to loan out the top national scorer in the league last season, the woman from Almeria Conchi Satorre, although the player asked to leave the Lasallian discipline a few weeks ago. They signed local player María Torreblanca, a great shooter and former Unicaja player; Nigerian international Sarah Imovbioh, a great rebounder with experience at the highest level; and the Serbian Marta Vulovic to give internal rotation. Before the departure of Satorre they signed the Valencian Patri Benetwho will not be able to play this match as he does not have a file with the team on the initial date of the match.

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