Friday, December 8, 2023

CAB Estepona hosts Real Canoe and Unicaja hosts Mallorca

The Women’s Challenge League does not stop. The players from CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol will play their second match this Saturday at Pineda in just over 48 hours. They will face Sernova Renovables Real Canoe, a classic of this category that is always supported by fans on their visits to Pineda. The canoe team is one of the clubs that has coincided with the CAB Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol in its three previous seasons, therefore this will be the seventh official match in FEB competitions that will measure both teams, with a balance of three victories for each of the teams. The team coached by José Luis Vicente comes from beating Lima Horta Barcelona with authority (75-46) and standing up to one of the teams that almost everyone puts in the shortlist of favorites in this League (58-60) .

Synergy Solutions Real Canoe “has several players who have been playing together for years and are going to come to Pineda without pressure and seek victory with nothing to lose,” explained Francis Tomé, still from Tenerife lands, in the run-up to the match, ensuring that the team must be “very concentrated” for the 40 minutes and being clear about the basic rules established in the game, since “there is very little time to prepare for the game” and it will be more the basketball itself than the scouting that makes the difference.

“We know that without defending it will be difficult for us to win games,” commented the Malaga coach, making his ideas clear not only for this match, but for the season: “it is something very important for us because it allows us to control the pace of the game.” and proof of this is that the two victories have come with the rival team scoring less than 60 points, while on the opening day they conceded 83 in Cáceres and lost.

For its part, Unicaja Mijas returns home to face Azul Marino Viajes Mallorca this Saturday (5:30 p.m.). A meeting between two recently promoted teams that seek to consolidate themselves in the category and against which the Malaga team will try to achieve the first victory of the season.

The island team has a balance of two wins and one loss, against CAB Estepona (54-50). A balance that leads him to be in 5th position in the competition.

Azul Marino Basket Mallorca has been reinforced with two interior players who have shone in the category: the Serbian power forward Bojana Stevanovic (3.3 points, 4 rebounds) and the center Nneka Ezeigbo (13 points, 8.7 rebounds, 15 rating), who played for Unicaja Mijas in the 2020-21 season. The center Vanessa Austin (7.7 points, 7 rebounds), the outsiders Giulia Ciavarella (11 points, 3.3 assists) and Alejandra Quirante (11 points, 5.7 rebounds) and the point guard Gabriela Ocete (2 points, 2, 7 rebounds, 1.7 assists) are other pillars of the island project.


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