Wednesday, December 6, 2023

CAB Estepona falls against the bottom team (60-68)

The game began with Francis Tomé posing a quintet that was out of the ordinarywith Aminata Traoré and Sarah Mortensen, recovered from their injuries, playing at the start and it did not end up working, although not because of that quintet, but because the team came out lethargicwith the thought I can remember the comfortable victories in the last home games and knowing that the rival arrived without knowing victory and was going to win almost by decree. And when the level is not respected, surprises arrive.

The partial 3-12 start that forced Francis Tomé to stop the match and move the bench was very key, because the advantage for most of the match was in those figures. Despite everything, with the entry of Oshlynn Brown, the team reacted, adding the American interior five points, the same as Kris Raksanyi, to finish the first quarter 16-18 in which the visiting team’s area seemed to have ceased to be important.

Enric Cervera continued with clear ideas and did not modify his defensive approach, knowing that, for days, CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol is struggling to score from outside. The locals came out better in the second periodgetting close to four points (23-27, min. 15) and forcing the Catalan coach to stop the game, which helped him clarify ideas with his players and ended up leaving locker rooms with an income of nine points: 28-37.

It is true that in several possessions the Catalan team’s players scored at the buzzer or after an offensive rebound/rejection for completing the defensive work before having the ball, but in others the rules imposed by Tomé were simply not followed. Thus, the difference reached 12 points (35-47, min. 25) after a basket by Alba Orois, who would end up as the top scorer of the match. The CAB Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol players reacted slightly, but they were unable to get closer than nine points, with which the third period would end: 42-51.

I didn’t want to stop believing the local team. Neither did the fans who, especially in the second half, did their best to lead their team to victory. Thus, the team started well in the last period and was placed 48-53, causing Enric Cervera to time out with 8’03” left in the game. Talenom Boet Mataró withstood the challenge, but then the captain appeared: Noelia Masiá added three on two occasions and brought her team to just one point (57-58) when there was still half a quarter left to play.

And there the CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol got stuck again: a new triple by Masiá that did not go in, several errors under the rim that forgave the rival and this one, little by little and with the same idea raised from the beginning, adding little by little led by Orois. Those three points in five minutes from the locals to close the game were the last nail in the coffin, in which each basket at the end of the visitors’ possession sank them a little badly. It ended in a nightmare on Halloween afternoon and thus ended the unbeaten record at home this season, with Talenom Boet Mataró adding its first victory of the current season by winning 60-68.


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