Saturday, January 28, 2023

‘Burned with cigarette – years of fighting’, Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend made serious allegations

Actress Somi Ali, who has worked in Bollywood films, has once again come into the limelight. Somi Ali has once again targeted Bollywood’s Dabangg hero Salman Khan. Somi shared a throwback photo with Salman and accused him of assaulting her. But then why did Somi delete this post? Let’s know.

Somi Ali accused Salman

Apart from being an actress, Somi Ali has also been Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend. The relationship between the two could not last long, but the affair of both is still discussed today. There has been a lot of distance in the relationship between Somi and Salman Khan. This is the reason why Somi is often seen attacking Salman Khan in her posts. This time also Somi Ali has made many allegations against Dabangg Khan in his new post.

Somi shared a throwback photo with Salman Khan, in which Salman is seen giving her a rose flower. Somi wrote in the caption with the post – a lot is about to happen. My show was banned in India and then threatened me with a lawsuit. you are a coward Here are 50 lawyers standing to protect me, who will save me from cigarette burns and physical abuse that you have done to me for years.

Somi got angry even on those who supported Salman

Somi further wrote – Shame on all those female actresses who support this man who assaults women. Such actors should also be ashamed, who supported it. Now it’s time to fight.

Somi’s post about Salman went viral on social media as soon as she saw it. But then the actress deleted this post. What is the reason for deleting the post, only Somi can tell, but her post has definitely created a stir in the corridors of Bollywood.

Somi Ali has targeted Salman Khan many times before. She is often seen making serious allegations against Salman in her posts. Let us tell you that there was a time when Somi Ali used to be a big fan of Salman Khan. Both also dated each other for a long time. But then both of them broke up. Somi had also told the reason for breakup with Salman Khan in her old interview. He had said that Salman had cheated him, so he left Salman.

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