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Browsers with free VPN to browse safely on your mobile

The VPN has become another piece for safeguard your privacy and security In Internet. Before, it was only seen as a way to overcome borders to watch content from streaming platforms. And it remains that way. But now it has a more serious use: that the pages you visit and the online services you use don’t go collecting data of what you do on the internet. It’s more. VPNs are so widespread that we can easily find browsers with integrated VPN.

In case you don’t know them yet, VPNs are virtual private networks. Its function is to act as intermediaries between your connected device and the Internet. In practice, this is so that when you access an app, service or website, these They don’t know where you connect from or what device you use. Since what accesses that app, service or website is, in reality, the VPN you use itself.

Previously we have seen that there are a large number of vpn providers. Although to take advantage of all its possibilities it is advisable to hire a paid VPN, there are also free VPNs that are very efficient at key moments. And as I said before, some browsers come with built-in VPN. There are browsers with VPN for desktop but also for mobile devices. These last ones will be very practical for you. if you travel around or move a lot and you need to access the internet protecting your anonymity.


Let’s start with Opera, the web browser born in Norway and that has always highlighted for innovation. Currently, it has several versions, one of them focused on video games, Opera GX. As for the standard version of Opera, the most recent version incorporates its own AI so you can ask him things. And on the subject at hand, integrates free VPN so you can browse safely.

Between the browsers with integrated VPNOpera stands out for being available on Windows, macOS, iPhone, iPad and Android. In all of them it includes this VPN function adapted to each platform. And once activated, it is very easy to use. Default, choose the location or server that best suits you. But you can tell it to choose a different one from three very broad locations: Europe, America and Asia. Enough to bypass geoblocks or navigate safely in public places.

Aloha Browser

This browser with VPN stands out for its security options

Based in Cyprus, Aloha Browser is a purpose-built VPN browser. for mobile devices. That is, iPhone, iPad and Android. You will find it in their official stores and in the Samsung and Amazon app stores. And it is offered as a browser private and secure. To the blocking of intrusive advertising and safe downloads we must add its Integrated VPN.

As is usually the case with this type of product, it combines the free model with the paid subscription. Free, you have access to the VPN without limits. Although you will have to activate it manually every time you open the browser. So far no problem. And in the free mode, the browser choose the best VPN server for you. If you want to decide the location of the VPN server yourself and have it activated automatically, in that case you can subscribe to the Premium version.

Epic Privacy Browser

Although installed manually, Epic integrates encrypted proxy to protect you

Although its desktop version is best known, Epic Privacy Browser also has a version for iOS and Android. Its name for these platforms is precisely Epic Privacy Browser with VPN. And like its older brother, it is a browser with integrated VPN. So in addition to blocking intrusive advertising, trackers and cryptomining, it offers additional tools such as video downloading, private mode always on and a private folder in which to keep your data safe.

Regarding its VPN integrated into the browser itself, it is free and unlimited, as explained by those responsible in the description of the app. And tell with 7 different locations to choose from: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and India. Yes indeed. You will have to install it from Mobile Extensions, when opening a new tab, as it comes in the form of an extension. And in reality, It is not a VPN but an encrypted proxywhich in practice fulfills the same function.

Avast Secure Browser

The VPN integrated into Avast is somewhat limited but does its job

The Czech security firm Avast has diversified its product catalog in recent years. With the purchase of AVG and Tempt, has a selection of security apps under different names. In the case at hand, Avast Secure Browser is a browser for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android focused on security and privacy.

To do this, it uses functions such as blocking downloads and malicious websites, forcing the encryption of the pages you visit, encrypting passwords and personal data, etc. And in the case at hand, it joins this list of browsers with integrated VPN. The free VPN is limited to a single location. To use its more than 30 locations it is necessary to check out.

Brave Private Web Browser

Brave offers paid VPN in its mobile browser

The Brave browser deserves to be mentioned in this list of VPN browsers for its commitment to offering a private and secure browsing by blocking invasive advertising, having your own private search engine and other functions such as encrypted video calls, anti-tracking protection, script blocking, HTTPS forcing, etc. Furthermore, in its mobile version for iOS and Android it integrates firewall and VPN. Of course, paid. Although in exchange you can use it on 5 devices at the same time.

Your paid integrated VPN, based on Guardian, has no consumption limits of data and allows reaching speeds up to 500 Mbps. If your mobile device connection allows it. For the rest, the connection is encrypted and has several servers to choose from where you want to connect without leaving a trace during your browsing.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser uses its own routing protocol to be secure

Finally, Tor Browser. It does not use VPN but it does use something similar, onion routing. Which implies that your browser accesses a website through a server that connects to another server and this one to a third party. Come on, it’s complicated keep track of your real location. Another advantage of using Tor Browser is that it allows you to access Onion-type links, used in the Deep Web to bypass blocks and limits taxes in certain countries.

For Android, you can download Tor Browser. And for iOS, there are several unofficial versions, but the officially recommended version is Onion Browser. To work it will tell you to install Orbotan app will make the connections relevant so that your browsing is private.

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