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Browsers for Android that will make you forget about Chrome

The browser war is also on Android. Although the default browserfor years, continues to be Google Chrome, there are a few alternatives that may change your mind. So much if you use android on a phone like on a tablet or on the TV. There are for all likes.

Some of them you will already know. Firefox, Opera either microsoft edge are the most popular. But there are others that you may be interested in trying. It is the case of Brave, DuckDuckGo, Vivaldi either Samsung Internet Browser. And others less known and with not very commercial names such as Super Browser either XBrowser. In short, there is a lot to choose from.

The good thing is that you can install and uninstall these browsers whenever you want, use several and/or stick with Google Chrome for certain things and these alternatives for others. Up to you. But first, let’s see what does each one stand out for? of the Android browsers mentioned above.

Mozilla Android browsers: Firefox and Firefox Focus

Firefox + Firefox Focus

Mozilla is an organization nonprofit which is responsible for the development of Firefox. For years, it overshadowed Internet Explorer before Google Chrome came along. But that was on computers. If we talk about Android, Firefox is available on two versions different: Firefox as such and Firefox Focus. Both are free, fast and respect your privacy.

let’s start with Firefox. In addition to being fast and having a default configuration focused on the security and the privacyhas very practical features such as the possibility of install extensions or plugins that add new features. His tracker blocker it can be configured in standard or strict mode, it has a private mode and you can synchronize your data and bookmarks with a user account. So you will have the same in Firefox for all your devices.

For his part, Firefox Focus is a version of Firefox specialized in privacy. Similar to Firefox in its normal version, there are more elements in view to do things like delete your history, passwords and cookies or block trackers. Besides, his private mode It claims to be more complete than the one that comes by default in other browsers.

Opera and its derivatives are the most innovative Android browsersOpera and its derivatives are the most innovative Android browsers

Opera + Opera Mini

Although it is not in the first positions, Opera always has been an innovative browser that it has been able to add new features that we have later ended up seeing in the competition. And although they gave up their own engine and chose to integrate Google Chrome’s, they continue to add customization layers that make Opera one of the best browsers for Android. Although, in reality, it is available in several flavors.

Opera is the standard version of this browser for Android. Its main asset is that integrate free VPN to browse anonymously. And a paid VPN in case you want to squeeze this functionality. Also has ad blocking and private mode among other peculiarities.

Opera Mini He is Opera’s younger brother. A version designed for mobile phones with few features or that they have already been somewhat outdated. Its mission is to navigate fast and with lower data consumption. For that, add a offline mode and ad blocking, among other features. It claims to save up to 90% data. It also has a download manager that allows share files offline.

Opera GX + Opera Touch

Opera GX It’s a version of Opera for gamers. An Android browser for gamers. This translates into free games, offers and discounts of paid games, a mode of one hand navigationconnection to the computer without cables and a mode of lightning fast browsing. It also includes Opera stuff like tracker and ad blocking etc.

OperaTouch is a version of Opera that offers functions more in line with Android and a touch screen. For example, you have a quick action button to navigate with one hand, an interface different from the original, wireless connection to the computer and a shortcut to search Instantly. It also includes protections security and privacy present in the other versions of Opera.

Microsoft has made an effort that its browser is full of usefulMicrosoft has made an effort that its browser is full of useful

microsoft edge

The Microsoft browser is also worth appearing in this selection of browsers for Android. Beyond being based on the Chrome engine, it comes packed with surprises and additions that are incorporated into the browser over time. microsoft edge integrates with its desktop version so you can browse both sites at the same time. And take care of your security and privacy blocking trackers.

For day to day, it has additional functions such as immersive readercollections for organize content of the internet in the form of compilations and a private mode your own to navigate without a trace on your Android device.

Brave is a browser based on user privacyBrave is a browser based on user privacy


The full name of brave is Brave Private Web Browserin English Brave Private Web Brave. It differs from other browsers, for desktop and Android, in its commitment to speed, privacy and security. And on mobile devices, he says consume less battery. Otherwise, it has tracker and pop-up blocking and a private mode.

Optionally offers a service firewall and vpn payment. It also highlights its playlist that allows add videos and audios from various sources and reproduce one after the other. And of course, it has basic features like tabs, history, bookmark sync, etc. It even has its own search engine, if you want to try it out. Brave Search.

DuckDuckGo searches the internet without collecting its own dataDuckDuckGo searches the internet without collecting its own data


Although DuckDuckGo was born as an Internet browser, it also has its own web browser for Android. His name is DuckDuckGo Private Browser. A whole declaration of intent that starts from its creation: search the internet without leaving a trace. And the same in navigation.

On the other hand, with this browser for Android you will have at hand guards and locks of crawlers, page encryption by default, a delete history emergency and protection for your email.

Vivaldi is another alternative packed with tools and featuresVivaldi is another alternative packed with tools and features


The Vivaldi browser for Android comes loaded with functions to cover all the needs we may have. For a start, blocks pop-ups and trackersit has private tabs, shortcuts for the main search engines, reading mode and download manager.

But Vivaldi is much more. It allows automatically delete your data navigation when exiting the application, integrates arcade gamescustomizes the appearance of a web page through filters, has a QR code system to share links and makes it easy to take notes while browsing.

Samsung takes care of its phones with its own custom softwareSamsung takes care of its phones with its own custom software

Samsung Internet Browser

If you have a Samsung brand phone you will already know this web browser for Android. If not, you can install it on your smartphone regardless of manufacturer. Samsung has been personalizing the content of its phones for a while. For example, with its own interface for Android or with own applications as Samsung TV Plus, Samsung Health And a long etcetera.

Samsung Internet Browser offers everything we can ask for in a modern browser: tab groupsautomatically delete history, tracker blocking, content filters, etc. Otherwise, it also has integrated translation and video assistant to control foreground playback.

Super Browser is a browser for Android that stands out for downloading videosSuper Browser is a browser for Android that stands out for downloading videos

Super Browser

His name may not tell you much, but Super Browser is one of the most complete browsers for Android. In the basic section, it has private browsingad blocking, fast page loading and incognito mode.

But where this browser stands out is in additional options such as its dynamic front page or his video downloadercompatible with most websites and services such as Facebook or Instagram.

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