Tuesday, September 26, 2023

British artificial system puts Mexico in the fifth game of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The Qatar World Cup 2022 for Mexican fans, it does not generate as many expectations due to the recent misstep of the National selection, however, according to a British mathematical model, Mexico will make history in this World Cup edition.

In accordance with Joachim Clementcompany financial strategist Liberum Capital Ltd.the Tricolor will advance to the group stage in second place, behind Argentinacrossing in the next phase to the France national teamcurrent world champion.

Mexico would eliminate France

And although on paper, the Mexican team is inferior to the French team, the prediction sees those led by “Tata” Martino as winners, so they would end the curse of the fifth game.

Already in the quarterfinals, the Tricolor would fall to England, which would ultimately be one of the finalists in the contest.

This model has its credibility by hitting the winner of the last two world championships, and for this edition, Leo Messi Y Argentina they would be the winners beating a hated rival like England.

“Klement’s model takes into account current team strength, as well as socioeconomic variables that previous research has shown affect the performance of an international soccer team, such as GDP per capita, population size, and temperature of the environment. country”said the financial company in a statement.


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