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Breogán, a rival in trouble for the best Unicaja of the season

Veljko Mrsic’s Breogán looks like a one-eyed man has looked at him. Since the preseason, physical problems have been accumulating for a Breoganista team that is going to appear in Malaga this weekend to play against the best Unicaja so far this year, after four consecutive victories, without his starting point guard, without his starting shooting guard and without his starting power forward, all of them injured. Furthermore, two of their most important signings from the last summer market, the center Dimitrios Agravanis and, above all, the Slovenian point guard called to lead the team this 23/24 season, Zan Sisko, are no longer in their squad, because they are no longer in their squad. that have caused a permanent loss in the Lugo team.

Zan Mark Sisko left Unicaja “for personal reasons”. ACBPhoto

Bad luck with injuries

The truth is that “Breo” is not having any luck. Toni Nakic’s injury in preseason, at the end of August, was the first setback for the Lugo team. The Croatian was Mrsic’s great asset for the “4” position and will not return to the slopes for a few more months.

The bet on the Slovenian point guard did not go well either. Zan Sisko. Coming from the German Bayern, he was going to be the highest paid player on the squad and the presumed leader of the light blue team during this season. Last season he went through emotional problems in Germany and he decided to stop competing, but last summer he seemed recovered and eager to feel important again. Breogán bet heavily on him, but after just a few weeks in Lugo, those problems were repeated and the player asked to terminate his contract to, as he himself explained, “open a new stage” in his life.

The Breogán players come together. ACBPhoto

Sergi García, out in Malaga

For Veljko Mrsic it was a major setback. He was left without what was going to be his extension on the track. But Like everything that goes wrong, it can even go worse, his replacement Sergi García, who went from substitute point guard to starting point guard overnight, has also been injured and it is low for this Saturday.

Mrsic doesn’t have good news on the perimeter either. The swiss Anthony Politethe team’s starting guard, is still out, after still not recovering from his left adductor injury, so he will not be able to play at Martín Carpena either.

Faced with so many problems, Breogán has been forced to go on the market. For the point guard position he has signed an old acquaintance of the basketball Spanish, Conner Frankamp. The problem with him is that he hasn’t played since May and is out of rhythm and in the process of physical reconditioning.

Veljko Mrsic talks to his players during a time-out. ACBPhoto

A former NBA, the last to arrive

The last one to arrive has been the most high-profile signing without a doubt: Justin Anderson. Nothing less than a first round draft pick with 242 games played in the NBA. The forward plans to arrive in Lugo this Thursday or at the latest on Friday. Although it is not official, it is most likely that he will not play this Saturday at Carpena. If he does it, it will be without knowing his teammates and without training with the team, something that suggests that Mrsic will not use him in the clash against Unicaja… (if he travels to Malaga).

The consequence of so much fluctuation in the squad is that Breogán arrives in Málaga second to last in the table, with a record of only one victory and five defeats in these first six days of the Endesa League. It is true that Marsic’s team has competed in almost every game and had a chance to win until the last attack in Manresa, against Valencia and in Tenerife. But with a 24% success rate in 3-point shots and 44% in 2-point shots, after these first six league games, it is difficult to win games in the elite of national basketball. “Breo” has a hard time scoring in positional attack and although it shines in defense (the best of the league) and is also active in the fight for the rebound, it is not enough, for now, to win. It certainly seems like a favorable opponent for Unicaja to achieve its fourth victory in the Regular Phase of the Endesa League.

Anthony Polite is injured and will not play in Malaga. ACBPhoto


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