Friday, September 29, 2023

Breathe Easy, the application that detects if someone has COVID-19 with the sound of the cough

In times when the prevention, rapid detection, and treatment of the COVID-19 coronavirus and its variants are key to controlling infections and the pandemic, having an application within reach of our phones to detect if a friend or family member is infected can be primary. Fortunately, we now have Breathe Easy.

The ResApp Health company, a software developer from Australia, is the studio behind this app for smartphones, available free of charge in both Android and iOS and of which they assure that can accurately diagnose a COVID-19 patient by just listening to their cough.

Breathe Easy has already been tested by the company, which confirmed the effectiveness of its machine learning system on a data set. To demonstrate that its system is reliable, as explained in its report the website of computer today. RessApp has tested the program with 741 patients from the United States and India.

“Breathe Easy is the easiest way to meditate and relax. Simply breathe in and out as the circle continuously grows and shrinks at a regular rate”, explains the developer in the Google Play Store.

Breathe Easy, the application that detects if someone has COVID-19 with the sound of the cough

The effectiveness of Breathe Easy exceeds 90%

ResApp claims that its trial results with the 741 volunteers revealed that the Breathe Easy app achieved 92 percent effectiveness in detecting a patient with a disease and an 80% capacity to identify patients who do not have any type of contagion.

ResApp Health insists that the result of its application is better than that of rapid antigen tests, and if true, it would be a great alternative to replace those tests by coughing at a smartphone. In addition, the app is free, and tests to detect COVID-19 are usually paid.

The company made the recommendation publicly: “The app can be used in settings where frequent testing for COVID-19 is required, such as screening employees, healthcare workers, and students, travel, sports, entertainment, and elderly care”.

ResApp already has approval from authorities in Australia and Europe for an app called ResAppDx, which is used to diagnose respiratory diseases. This background gives hope that Breathe Easy will also be approved by regulators in different countries and that it can be used to detect the coronavirus.

The company believes that if Breathe Easy is accepted, it may present an opportunity to use the biometric capabilities of smartphones to link the results to each citizen and improve security.


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