Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been together for five years. Their first film together, Brahmastra is going to be a super duper hit at the box office. Ranbir-Alia are enjoying the success of the film. Along with this, he is also living the happiness of his personal life a lot. Alia is pregnant, and is going to give birth to little Kapoor soon. Along with both of them while promoting the film, many cute moments were also seen where the fans just sighed after seeing them.

Alia threatens Ranbir


During the promotion of Brahmastra, the personal chemistry of Ranbir and Alia became more popular among the people. In a conversation with a news portal, Ranbir talked about the film as well as Alia. Ranbir said that Alia has made his life better. At the same time, Ranbir also revealed that sometimes Alia dominates him. Alia goes into that mode, when she bothers me more than the limit.

Ranbir said- “I respect Alia a lot. As an actor and a personality apart from my wife, I adore her a lot. But at times Alia gets very dominant on me, she is very angry. Aaliya also threatens in anger. But I have the best manager in the world and that is Alia. If I have to do anything, I get it done through Alia. Because I know he has the best managerial skills in the world. She does everything in a pinch. My world has become easier because of him.

Alia without Ranbir


Ranbir-Alia have been seen posing for paparazzi together many times in the recent past. Fans also wait to see the couple together. Ranbir had also told in another interview that how much he is dependent on Alia. Ranbir had said that he finds himself incomplete without Alia. Ranbir told that Alia is so important to him that he does not even want to drink anything without her.

Ranbir had said that “I boast like this that I am too independent, but the reality is that I am very dependent on Alia. If I didn’t know where Alia is, I wouldn’t go to the bathroom or eat anything. It is very important for me that Alia should be with me. It doesn’t matter whether we romance or talk with each other, she should just be sitting next to me.” Alia also agreed to these things of Ranbir.

Talking about the workfront, there are reports that the second part of Ranbir-Alia’s Brahmastra will be released in 2025. Apart from Brahmastra, Ranbir also has films like Andaz Apna Apna 2 and Animal. On the other hand, Alia will be seen opposite Ranveer Singh in Rocky and Rani’s love story.