Swara Bhaskar recently talked about the ongoing Bollywood Boycott trend on social media. Swara had also defended Akshay Kumar a few days ago and said that he is being made a soft target. Now Swara has taken the side of Karan Johar. Swara said that people who were in attack mode at the time of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death in 2020 are targeting Karan. Swara says that calling Karan good and bad for nepotism and films is one thing and making him responsible for Sushant’s death is another.

Karan Johar is not a murderer


Swara Bhaskar said in a conversation with Connect FM that ‘there has been an atmosphere of fear in the industry. Now everyone thinks that do not get into the controversy. Everyone in the film industry has started feeling that something is going on here. It would be better not to say anything to anyone. Everyone is in fear that they do not know when what will happen. No one wants to give opinion on anything now.

Swara gave the example of Karan Johar and the celebrities who were targeted at the time of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Swara said that even celebrities like Karan Johar were attacked. But no one said anything, because everyone was worried about trolls and criticism. Everyone was afraid that if he said something, then it would be useless. Swara further said- ‘You may find Karan Johar’s films substandard. There could be a problem with his nepotism. But your problem and dislike does not mean that he is a murderer.

Talking about Swara’s work front, her Jahan Chaar Yaar has been released recently, but has not shown anything special at the box office. Earlier, Swara had told herself different from the thinking of Akshay Kumar. Swara questioned Akshay’s film choice and said that we are actors. We are storytellers. We should do films and stories which are true, not those which are carrying propaganda.